What Is The Best Way To Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets?


So the time has come to refinish your cabinets. Perhaps you’re eager to give your kitchen a whole new look or you want to spruce up some choice areas and do it all without spending a significant amount of money to get the job done.

You’re not alone. Millions of homeowners like you will turn to cabinet refinishing in post falls as a cost-effective alternative to a full kitchen makeover. Many consumers lack the ability to make a serious financial commitment to improve the look and feel of their kitchen but they still want to bring it into the modern era.

The kitchen is the most popular room in the home. It’s where meals are prepared and eaten, families gather around the table to reconnect after a long and busy day, and it’s the room that is instrumental in entertaining guests and loved ones in from out of town. It makes perfect sense that 73% of homeowners will turn to the kitchen as the first room in the house they decide to remodel or renovate.

You may feel the same but don’t have the money for a complete top down refurbish of this central room in the home. That makes cabinet refinishing the next best option. But what is the best way to refinish your kitchen cabinets? You have a few options there, all of them affordable to fit with any size budget:

Cabinet Veneers

For some homeowners this way is best because it’s easy to perform. The front of the cabinets and drawers are covered with new panels or facades that are designed to be applied as a way to give them a whole new appearance. But before you do that, you need to determine that your current cabinets are in good working order and don’t need repairs or replacement.

So check for any signs of water damage, cracks, holes, or other compromised areas that are preventing the cabinets from functioning correctly in the manner you expect. Refinishing damaged cabinets is just a waste of money. You will need to do the necessary repairs or even replace the irreparable cabinets before you refinish anything.


Sometimes all those cabinets need is a fresh coat of new paint. That can give you the opportunity to make some serious changes in the kitchen, just as long as the color you select matches or complements the current interior d├ęcor scheme of the room.

You must not paint the cabinets a color that will clash or seriously disrupt the look and feel of the kitchen or you’re going to need to do the work all over again. But remember, you aren’t going to repaint cabinets that are heavily damaged and in need of serious repair. Be careful about assessing the condition of your cabinetry so your paint job won’t be in vain.

As for completing the job, this is something you can do yourself over the course of a weekend or you can hire a professional painting company to do the work for you instead.

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