Do Tinted Windows Keep Out UV Rays?

Window film won’t just keep out UV rays but it can bring your home or place of business even more benefits by reducing the amount direct sunlight that enters any room and cutting down on glare. The sun can be a powerful force for illumination and heat but it can also have a destructive impact that can result in damaged belongings and even discomfort from prolonged exposure.

Benefits of Window Film

Applying window tinting to your home or office will reduce the heat from the sun and filter out the harmful impacts of UV rays which can pose a significant risk to you and the inside of your home or office space. That’s because UV or ultraviolet rays have the power to damage your personal belongings and ruin the interior of any room into which they shine.

Allowing UV to remain unfiltered into a room can make the color on anything in their direct path appear faded or bleached out. Unless these items are treated for ultraviolet exposure, you will start to notice their appearance looking washed out. This goes for just about anything you allow to remain in direct sunlight including furniture, artwork, carpeting, drapes or curtains, even the paint on your walls. When UV rays remain unfiltered, their impact can be overwhelming.

But placing window film on your glass panes can be highly effective at reducing the potentially ruinous effects of ultraviolet rays on the interior of your home or work space. That can be particularly important for retailers who display goods and merchandise in their store front windows. Allowing the sun’s UV rays to bleach or fade these items will make them less than appealing to customers who might refrain from buying them because they have been damaged by the sun.

If your customers aren’t purchasing these goods, you are losing revenue on wasted product that ultimately remains on your shelves.

Protecting Yourself

While window tinting can be extremely useful in helping you protect yourself and your things from solar heat and ultraviolet rays you should be well aware that any window tint is never going to be capable of completely eliminating ultraviolet rays. Tinted windows do indeed drastically minimize UV rays but they will not be able to keep the ultraviolet out entirely. Most window film will be effective and limiting up to 99% of damaging UV light and heat but you can’t expect it to do the job at 100%.

That’s okay, as 99% of the direct light is more than enough to help protect you and your stuff from feeling the heat and sustaining any related damage that will most likely occur over a relatively short period of time.

So if you’ve been on the fence about making the decision to go with window film for your windows, perhaps now that you know all the facts, you can make a more informed and confident choice to call one of the window tint companies in Indianapolis and have this highly effective deterrent installed as soon as possible.

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