5 Tips To Help You Improve Your Bowling Score

It’s not that tough to improve your bowling game but you do need to put some real time and commitment into taking the steps necessary to get there. Think about your current scores and skill level now think about how far away you are from where you want to be. Are you just starting out and would like to gain a greater understanding of the fundamentals or have you been playing for awhile eager to take your game to the next level?

Whichever applies to your situation, these five tips can be instrumental in getting your game where it needs to be the next time you play a frame in austin bowling.

The Right Ball

One thing to keep in mind, however, is having the proper tool for the job. No matter how hard you try to get your scores up, you will continue to struggle unless you have the right ball to play with.

In some cases, you may find your game improving instantly by changing the ball you’re using. That’s because in order for you to have complete control over your game you need to be able to successfully position and steer the ball where you want it to go. So you need a ball that is the correct weight for you and, even more important, contains the right size finger-grip. Put some real time and effort into researching and trying out a myriad of ball sizes and materials to find the best ball out there for you.

Get into a Routine

The best way to improve your game is to create a consistent routine each and every time you’re holding the ball. That means approaching the lane with the same gait, re-creating your swing exactly as you did every previous time you send the ball down the lane and continuing on your follow through with the same motion.

This is crucial because you need to make everything about your approach and your motion feel like second nature. Once you’ve got that down, you can begin to improve your skill. Repetition is the key here and you should re-enact your movements every chance you get. Do it at home, waiting in line at the bank, pretty much anywhere you can think of, you don’t even need to have the ball in your hand.

Correct Form

Your game is never going to improve unless you are sending the ball towards the pins with the proper form. That means you should be practicing your delivery with the correct method for putting the ball where you want it to go.

So get to your local alley and just roll the ball down the lane. Again and again. Getting this right is paramount for improving your game and if you’re doing it all wrong you need to start correcting it now. Observe your motions when you deliver the ball down the lane. Are you throwing it or rolling it?

There is a discernible difference between the two and it’s having a serious detrimental impact on your game. You should only roll, not throw, the ball down the lane. Understanding the difference between the two is vital. Throwing the ball means it lands with a hard thud in the lane and lacks the velocity and thrust needed for knocking down the pins effectively. Rolling the ball is a lot more impactful.

Imagine the Game You Want to Play

It’s one thing to step up to the lane and roll the ball towards the pins. It’s very much another to see the ball where you want it and then putting it there. This incorporates visualizing the each shot you attempt to make ahead of time, before you take that shot. Think about every movement you make before you make it. After you take the shot, analyze how it went and what you did. If you notice that you are pushing the ball to one side too far, start working towards correcting those movements.

It might help to keep a running diary of your progress, jot down the moves you made and the results. That way you can start to adjust and re-adjust to help you gain greater control and confidence over the ball and where you want it to go.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more you bowl, the better you’ll get. That goes without saying. However, it’s how you make the use of that practice time that can really improve your game. Work with your movements, your release, try different methods and approaches to delivering the ball.

You should really bowl once or twice per week to get the most out of your practice. Play with more experienced bowlers than yourself, pick up some things from them. Join a league and compete. Don’t worry about your score or even trying to win. Just bowl and you’ll soon be ready to take on all types of competitors.

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