Is it worth going abroad for surgery?

Medical tourism is the practice of travelling to a foreign destination for medical reasons. Plastic surgery is one of the main drivers of the medical tourism industry. You might have heard of cases where a person travels for cosmetic surgery in a country like Poland. The nation is one destination that is gaining popularity in the medical tourism sector. If it’s the first time to hear about it, you may wonder if it is fine to get plastic surgery abroad. This quick guide gives you a few reasons to think about travelling for a cosmetic procedure.

Reduced Cost of Treatment

Plastic surgery can cost a considerable amount, especially if you are planning to get a lot of work. Insurance companies don’t cover most cosmetic treatments, meaning that you may have to pay out-of-pocket to get that tummy tuck or nose job. For some people, these expenses are astronomical, particularly if you have to factor in the post-op care. Overseas clinics can save you 20% to 80% on a procedure. Even after you include airfare and accommodation costs, you can find that getting the surgery abroad still saves you a reasonable amount. For this reason, it makes sense to travel for cosmetic surgery if your insurance doesn’t cover it or in case you don’t have medical cover. Click here to see some of the procedures you can get.

A common worry about the low costs is the quality of services. International surgery is affordable in some regions because healthcare in such jurisdictions is cheaper than in your county of residence. Countries such as Poland have excellent medical care without the exorbitant rates of nations with similar standards. Affordable malpractice insurance for practitioners allows the medical experts to offer cheap services. Another reason for the reduced costs in that country is the availability of cheap labour. Low rent and affordable equipment are some of the other justifications for the reasonable prices.

Get a Holiday Out of It

You can get an unplanned just to go for plastic surgery abroad. Depending on the procedure, you can schedule a short holiday before or after. Imagine relaxing at a poolside, sipping a cool drink as you wait for your wounds to heal. You can get to Poland a day earlier than your scheduled appointment and plan a sightseeing tour. A medical trip abroad presents an opportunity to indulge in a way that you might not have been able to in different circumstances. Use the time to interact with locals, learn about the culture, dine and wine on authentic traditional delicacies and visit popular attractions. The advantage is that this time off can work wonders for your treatment.

Travelling abroad for plastic surgery is slowly but steadily becoming a practical solution for many people. The cost benefits that medical tourism offers are too great to ignore. However, make certain that you get cosmetic surgery from qualified and experienced professionals. Don’t rush to book an appointment with the first plastic surgeon who promises great results. Research a clinic and its staff thoroughly before scheduling an appointment. Check with the relevant authorities and medical agencies in that region to verify the licensing of a plastic surgery clinic.

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