Popular Scrum/Agile certifications: Know the Process


Agile practice development is very important within an organization. Being swift and efficient is always the best. Often times it isn’t a synchronization that can be achieved too easily. It requires knowledge that those on the team all have to share along with trust and that’s gained through expanded time. Time that can be taken away when a member leaves for a multitude of reasons. If members feel comfortable, they won’t leave though and that all circles around to positive practices in the workplace. There are ways of course. Just like there are companies applying those methods right now.

Scrum Alliance is one company that offers its knowledge to others exercising business practices. Whether it be the heads of companies or other organizations. Certification is offered at Scrum Alliance.


The certifications themselves grant those that seek them, methods to bring ever-growing resourcefulness to their groups. Continued productivity remains within those that are taught of it. They’re very affordable even for a lone learner that’s running their own business. It starts off with Certified ScrumMaster. That is for those that are starting out as team members. They’ll gain valuable information on their roles and can move onto advanced certified ScrumMaster. That’s where you attain more know-how that gives your presence a value. You’ll have value in being able to help teams create products and release them in swift cycles creating quick interaction and feedback from consumers. As different trends present themselves the teams will be able to catch onto shifts and boost in growth.

Learning the essentials isn’t difficult at all. The challenge comes in remembering when it counts the most and guiding your particular team through the principals whenever at work. It takes dedication and laser precise attention to not stray from the tasks. Being a certified ScrumMaster gives you that capability. There is no agile development team without a ScrumMaster on deck. You’re responsible for simplifying your teams’ path to success.

A ScrumMaster is equal in responsibility with the other team members and is merely the conscious lead that keeps everyone on the Scrum mindstate of following through with the best methods. That means the ScrumMaster keeps everyone from conflict. They prevent drama in the workplace and make sure there are no distractions that could hinder the overall productivity of the team they’re placed in. That equals no slacking off and enjoyment in every project being made because the ScrumMaster will make sure there are only those that enjoy the work itself.

The process of becoming a Scrum Master:

Once certifications have been met, you’ll have to take part in an in-person CSM course that’s taught by a Scrum Trainer. It only takes about two days and nothing more. After that, all that’s left is taking a test and passing it. There are over thirty-five questions. If you fail, you can take it a second time for free. That’s two free tries before you have to pay a small fee for every other attempt taken throughout that day.

In regards to the questions themselves, you’ll have the chance of seeing the answers you got wrong but won’t be able to get direct answers. Once the course is cleared, the CSM exam is done online.

Of course, prior to diving into any of that, it’s important to become familiar with the Scrum foundations e-learning series that expose the viewer to the Scrum rules, theories and lots more. There is also a Scrum guide that can be downloaded easily and definitely helps with the process of getting accepted for the role.

Be sure to read into the agile manifesto along with it. Those are all resources that will come a long way. Especially in understanding the agile development model.

Agile development model houses Iterations. Iterations are completed efficiently over a couple of weeks. That’s because the requirements have to be gathered and distributed amongst the team so that it can be analyzed. Then come the design, coding and a number of tests. A Scrum Master has to be equipped with the know-how so that it’s all done smoothly within a time-box. The time box is the length of time that it takes to deliver the iterations to their specific customer. That is done so there isn’t a change in the date that the iteration has to be given to the patient customer. By the end of the process, a happy customer gives positive feedback and the work continues pouring in for the united team.

It’s never been easier to join a rewarding field. It isn’t hard to make an agile development model. By the end of the training, it’ll be easier to turn it into second nature and the skills you attain here will certainly accompany you wherever you go. So don’t wait around, join in on the success and take those steps to become a Scrum Master.

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