Affect of different materials of coffee mugs on the taste of coffee

Coffee is one of the most commonly used beverages from all around the world. People are generally very serious about their coffee and will go to any extent to make sure that they have the best coffee to kick start their day. There are many different types of coffee mugs that one can avail, for more information about that got to The following are the affects of different materials over the taste of coffee-

  • Plastic mugs

A lot of people prefer using plastic mugs due to the fact that they are durable, cheap, beautiful to look at and light in weight. Plastic is known to absorb the aroma and essence of any beverage you pour in it. For example, take a cold drink bottle and pour some of it in a new plastic cup leave it for an hour and then drain it. Now, clean it and pour some water in it, you will notice that you can still taste or atleast smell cold drink in it. Over the time plastic will absorb more and more flavor of the coffee and will make it tough to distinguish between a good brew and a bad one.

  • Stainless steel mugs

Although they don’t absorb the flavors from beverages, these mugs can still change the taste of your favorite brew significantly, this is caused due to the fact that there are many elements in a steel coffee mug, which may react with coffee due to improper finishing or some other factors. Even the paints can change the taste of your favorite brew.

  • Ceramic mugs

Ceramic mugs are certainly the best when it comes to drinking coffee. They are good in looks, keep the coffee hot for long time and also last very long. If you wash them properly, the taste won’t change at all. This is why amid coffee fans will always advice you to use ceramic coffee mugs. 

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