Moving To A New Home: How To Remove Old Pet Stains In Carpet First

So you’re moving into a new home. Congratulations. But as with any move into a new residence, you’ll be doing some considerable amount of clean-up. Sure the previous tenants or owners may have done some cleaning but you’re still going to want to freshen and disinfect everything.

That includes the carpet and if the previous occupants had pets, it’s more than likely you will or already have come across some of old stains that were left behind. Before you start to bring in all of your furniture and belongings, you will need to devote some time and effort to get the pet stains out of carpet that is going to remain in the home.

Many homeowners will decide to tear up the old carpeting and start fresh, however, you may not have that option or you might like what’s already there mean ing that you don’t need to remove the floor covering. But you will need to give it a good deep cleaning if you find pet stains that are still lingering long after the pets have left the home.

So before you call for a professional cleaning company that specializes in Pet Urine Removal Woodstock GA, here are some things you can do all on your own to remove old pet stains from carpet first.

Removing those Stubborn Stains

The older the stains, the tougher it can be to lift them up completely. You probably don’t know how old some of those pet stains in the carpet might be so you could be trying a number of cleaning options to get that carpet looking (and smelling) good as new again.

Your first choice is to go with one of the many different commercial stain removers that exist on the market. They all claim to be the best at what they’ve been formulated to do and each has a combination of elements from the mildest of natural organic ingredients to the kind of harsh chemicals that some homeowners might shy away from because they are so abrasive and intense.

Be sure you read the labels of these cleansers and see how much power is really necessary to lift the stains that have become embedded in the carpet. You may also decide to eschew the commercial cleansers entirely and go with a homemade stain remover that combines one part distilled white vinegar with one part cold water.

Killing Odors

You can choose one of the assorted deodorizers that you can buy from the shelves of your local supermarket or department store but you need to be sure that the solution you’ve chosen isn’t just masking the smell but eliminating the stench at the source.

A mixture of baking soda and essential oils is usually the most potent way to destroy those unpleasant odors by taking them out where they live, deep in the carpet fibers and even the backing material.

If all else fails, you may need to ultimately call in the experts and have them give the carpet a good deep cleaning to help take out those old pet stains and odors that won’t seem to subside, no matter how hard you’ve tried.



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