Why You Should Update Your Grow Light Kits in 2020

While gardening can be a rewarding hobby, your local climate may make it challenging. Many people are becoming more interested in growing a reliable supply of food but lack enough outdoor space to plant a garden.

Others are excited to grow decorative plants to enhance their space, but the sun and soil conditions near them are detrimental to their favourite flowers.

Hydroponics is a system of growing plants indoors in a solution of water and nutrients and is an excellent workaround for these challenges. Adding one of the many grow light kits for sale to your hydroponics setup can enhance your indoor gardening experience.


Benefits of Grow Lights


Adding grow lights to your hydroponics equipment can provide the following benefits:


  • They allow gardeners to customize the exact amount of direct or indirect light needed to a particular plant to thrive. This makes it possible to grow plants that would otherwise not thrive in your local environment.
  • They provide many hours of artificial sunlight 365 days of the year, allowing gardeners to grow plants without worrying about decreased sunlight during the fall and winter months.
  • They can also allow gardeners to have an indoor garden that combines plants with very different growing environment needs.


How Modern Grow Lights Are Different


One reason to invest in a modern grow light setup is to take advantage of increased energy efficiency. Grow light kits in the past typically used high-intensity discharge (HID), metal halide (MH) or incandescent bulbs. While these are effective for kick starting plant growth, they can emit excessive heat and are often costly to operate. 


Modern kits use light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, which run at cooler temperatures and are better at directing light rather than heat to plants. Many kits feature “tuned” light spectrums that focus on blue and red light or maximizing plant growth. Although LED-based grow lights have a higher upfront cost than older models, they are worth the expense due to lower long-term operating costs and better plant growth.


Your Next Steps in Grow Light Shopping


Due to the increased popularity of hydroponics, high-quality grow light kits are more widely available than ever before. Online retailers and gardening stores now sell a wide variety of lighting equipment optimized for every budget and gardening focus. Start searching for the right grow light kit to start growing your best plants today!


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