2020 Best Tech PR Jobs in London

Businesses are strategizing on how they can position themselves better and amplify their brand presence in the market. Technology is being seen as a crucial tool in helping them to create a business impact on their clients. This has in turn given a rise in demand for Tech PR skills.

This post is set to inform you about the best financial PR Jobs in London in 2020. Here is a review of some of the jobs that you could consider:


  • Tech PR Account Managers

In house communications jobs in London are on the rise. The holder of this position will be responsible for linking with clients in need of tech solutions and proving to them that the company can offer those solutions and prepare the client’s business to be aligned to future technology.


  • Online PR Specialists

The online audience is growing each day, a trend that is likely to continue into the future. As brands realise the potential in reaching out to this audience, they are looking for experts in online marketing.

To succeed in this position, the holder requires digital marketing skills and a heavy online presence that complements good connections in mainstream media.


  • Digital Strategist Content Creator

Content is key for businesses with a heavy online presence. These businesses are looking for content strategists who create high-value content for them and advise them when it is appropriate to use the content as well as the best way to reach out to their target audiences.


  • Video on Demand Strategists

Businesses are turning to the use of video on demand to reach their clients. They are looking for specialists who can create videos and schedule them for release. To excel in this position, you will need skills in video editing, communication, and presentation using PowerPoint as well as the ability to work with broadcast support systems.


  • Digital and Web Design 

Web designers, SEO specialists, and APP developers are on high demand in London as most businesses rush to increase their presence on the internet and tap on the growing number of internet users. The holder of this position will help the business to develop technology and content that can be accessed by clients on mobile devices or computers.


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