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Why there is a need arise to sanitize your car? Safest ways to sanitize your car

The coronavirus outbreak has become one of the serious problems towards the world from the past few months since it is characterized as a pandemic and till the discovery of any vaccine, we have to take several protective measures to stop the spread of disease. Basic steps like social distancing and maintenance of sanitized environments can make a marked difference in stopping the pandemic.

It is not enough to maintain the sanitized condition only at your home and workplace, you have to also sanitize your personal vehicle. Car sanitizing service can help to avoid the pandemic.

Steps that must be followed to sanitize your car

  • Personal protective hygiene – it is the most crucial and difficult to regularly maintain your personal hygiene in your car. Wash or sanitize your hand before and after touching any surface in the car. Coronavirus mainly spread through droplets that are discharged after sneezing or coughing. So, properly cover your mouth with a mask or with any other cloth. Keep a sanitizer bottle in your car and regularly use the bottle to sanitize hands.
  • Disinfect the cabin – Droplets from an infected person can contaminate your cabin surfaces. On these surfaces, viruses can remain active for a few days and can cause disease. So, it is important to clean the cabin surfaces. At first, you can start with disinfecting the interiors and remember that virus is more efficient on dirty surfaces. So, clean the surfaces and remove all the dirt. Don’t forget to disinfect the dashboard, seats, door pads, etc.
  • Sanitize the steering wheel – The most frequently touched surface in the car is the steering wheel. So, properly disinfect the wheel with good quality sanitizer and rub it for at least one minute. Don’t forget to sanitize it from the backside.
  • Disinfect the seatbelts, music system, and other interiors – interiors are some of the frequently touched surfaces in the car. Before driving almost everyone pull seatbelt. So, it is necessary to sanitize seatbelts. Don’t forget to sanitize your buttons and remote of the music system. The doors and mirrors should also be sanitized.
  • Disinfect your car from outside – Anyone can touch your car from outside and can contaminate your car surfaces. So, it is necessary to disinfect the surfaces from outside. Firstly, start from the windshield and then thoroughly sanitize the wipers, and don’t forget to sanitize your bonnet.
  • Sanitize your air-conditioning system – Many studies showed that the coronavirus can survive for many days in a cold environment. So, carefully sanitized the air filter and air-con vents. You can sanitize it personally or you can hire any professional to do this.

Nowadays car sanitizing service is easily available in the market. You can easily find it on online platforms or on different websites. Due to the rapid increase in the demand price of sanitizing cars is increasing day by day. So, to save the money you can follow the steps mentioned earlier to sanitize your car.

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