Can I Put Any Gasoline On My Car?

The fuel shortage is affecting some distributors in the country, and this has led many consumers to make panic purchases. Against this background, many will wonder if any gasoline will be useful for their vehicle. The answer is not so simple to reduce it to a yes or no, so it is important to know the differences between gasoline to make a suitable purchase.

Octane, The Criteria To Charge More Or Less

Traditional cars run on internal combustion engines, even Pledge Pickup truck (รับจำนำรถกระบะ, which is the term in Thai). This means that to get the vehicle moving, they require a series of controlled explosions inside its engine. Gasoline is responsible for causing these detonations with the help of a spark. Not all gasoline explodes with equal ease.

The resistance of the fuel to be exploited is measured with the octane number. The higher this figure, the gasoline will take longer to explode. Ideally, this causes less impact to the engine, reducing the investment to be made later in repairs, although this is not always the case. Newer car models run better on high-octane gasoline, but some vehicles will run at a lower rate without a problem.

The octane number is calculated based on its trigger resistance, and this depends on two elements that make up gasoline: isooctane and heptane. While the first one resists more before exploding, the second one does it with great ease. With a ratio of 87% isooctane and 13% heptane, 87-octane gasoline is obtained.

Higher octane gasoline has a higher cost because ideally, it causes less engine damage. If it resists a higher temperature before exploding it will be more difficult for it to damage the engine, and thus the vehicle owner will spend less on repairs, but this is not always the case. The manufacturer includes in his user manual the ideal octane number for each model.

Buying the most expensive gasoline is not always the best option. For new cars, especially, a high octane is usually the one that will give the best performance. If gasoline of a lower octane rating is used, the engine will not give its best performance. On the other hand, when you have an engine designed for a lower octane rating, using more expensive gasoline does not guarantee better performance. It is important to know the optimal conditions recommended by the manufacturer.

Buy The Most Suitable Gasoline For Your Car

Before making panic purchases, analyze the needs of your vehicle. Compare the alternatives offered by each dealer and choose the one that offers the best performance for your car. Paying more is not always the best option. Although many drivers have run wild in recent days to get as much fuel as possible, it is best to stay in control and make a conscious purchase. Avoid unnecessary fuel costs now and future repairs.

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