Which One Is Better? Dental Implants Or Artificial Teeth

A dental implant is one of the modern techniques that are used to keep the root of the teeth intact and give the best results for oral health. But earlier people mostly went for dentures or bridges that are nothing but artificial teeth. In order to understand which one is a better and effective solution, you need to learn about both dental implant and artificial teeth. So, let’s take a look-

About Dental Implant

In dental implant treatment, an artificial root of the tooth gets placed by a periodontist into your jaw so that it can successfully hold the tooth that is replaced. The people who have lost a tooth or teeth because of oral health issues for years must always prefer dental implant over other kinds of dental treatments. One can also lose a tooth due to an injury. For such cases, a permanent solution is the best thing to do. Therefore, the implant provides a fixed and strong foundation. Even if a patient has bridgework or dentures, a dental implant can also provide much-needed strength and stability. Also, learn about dental implant cost before you go for it.

Partial Dentures Is Not Permanent

If a patient is left with few natural teeth, then the partial denture is used. A partial denture is always removable and the replaced teeth are attached to a gum-colored base made of plastic. A denture is completely artificial and does not give an affixed foundation for your oral health. For both upper and lower jaw, a partial denture can be used. In this kind of technique, a fixed bridge replaces teeth with the help of crowns on both sides of the space and finally, the artificial teeth are attached to it. Although this process is a good and preferable method, still it is not a proper solution.

Key Differences Between Artificial Teeth And Dental Implant

Dentures are secure with wings and it requires the support of adjacent teeth. No such support from the adjacent teeth is needed for a dental implant. The implant is stronger because it is secured with the jawbone and is just like a new tooth root.

Comfort level comes with a dental implant as patients do not feel anything after getting it done. There is no risk of slippage. In the case of dentures, it can come loose anytime.

Strength and stability are the two most important things that one looks for after dental treatment. This reliability comes with a dental implant, but not with a denture.

A dental implant provides a complete solution with full restoration. It improves the smile and lifts facial expression. Such things do not happen with dentures. Because it is not a permanent solution. Till date, a dental implant is the strongest teeth replacement treatment available.

Finally, it can be said that every person has different issues and unique needs. It is always advisable to take all the necessary information of the teeth condition into account before deciding the right kind of treatment. What is suitable for one patient may not suit you. Always consult with a professional and experienced dentist near you. Artificial teeth could be a good solution for you, but that entirely depends upon your oral condition and the dentist’s recommendation.

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