How To Make Out Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

The basis of this type of photographic essay is the recording of the couple’s tune. Not at all the rehearsal is done in a park in the middle of classic bikes if the couple does not enjoy this type of program.

Many themes can be romantic depending on the photographer’s look at an exceptional Prague pre-wedding. Thus, they can be made based on football, rock n’ roll, cuisine, among others.

The important thing here is to identify something with which the couple identifies.

·         Choose A Beautiful Place For The Session

First of all, choose an attractive location for the photo shoot together with the bride and groom. Base the choice according to the theme of the photographs that can be: romantic, vintage, casual, fun.

The location does not need to be rented or exclusive. Indeed, there are many exciting and unusual places near the region where the couple is staying.

Tests performed outdoors, for example, should not be marked in times of heavy rain, as they may end up having a wrong result.

Also, it is vital that you choose a place that has to do with the couple’s love story or can reflect it in some way in the Video production in Prague.

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·         Help With Suggestions For The Couple’s Clothes

After choosing the theme of the rehearsal and location, it’s time to choose the costume. It is essential that you give the couple tips on what to wear and what not to use on the day of the photo shoot.

It is essential that the clothing is consistent with the concept of the photos and what the couple wants to go with the photographs.

So if the rehearsal happens in a park of ruins, for example, more casual clothing can contrast well with the environment.

·         Record Mainly The Interaction Between The Couple

One of the essential things in this essay is the recording of the communication between the couple. So it is vital that you record how they relate.

Focus on registering looks, gestures, kisses, and touches.

·         Lightweight Accessories

Before defining which accessories to take to a premarital rehearsal, study a little about the couple’s story. This is so that the essay is not cliché and full of a fad. It needs to be entirely original.

So if you are going to enter an element, be sure it makes sense to the couple.

Funny and Creative Accessories

If the couple in question is high spirits, fun and playful, it is exciting to include accessories that characterize this.

Different colored ties, blazer with vivid colors, old hats, suspenders. Accessories that help break the mood of a rehearsal and intensify these characteristics of the couple are always welcome.


In addition to being able to use them in the decoration of the environment or as a bouquet, they also look great as a garment for the groom’s and the bride’s clothes and as tiaras of hair.

Accessories at the pre-wedding rehearsal that help in the romantic mood

Carrying romantic accessories is also celebrated to create a more loving atmosphere between the couple.

Some examples are:

  1. Save the date chalkboard or board;
  2. Champagne;
  3. Wreath of flowers;
  4. Heart-shaped bladders.
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