What You Can Do to Protect Your Future

Want to conquer your own home, dream car and have economic stability to provide a comfortable life for yourself and the family?

Especially in a scenario of financial insecurity and vulnerability like the one we are experiencing today. With that in mind, here are some recommended actions to protect and secure your personal assets and contact Portland Oregon DUI Lawyer.

  • Invest in Equity Protection

It may not be exactly now, but eventually, you will conquer some important personal patrimony. At that time, for your own safety and stability, you’d better guard yourself. Here comes the investment in property protection, a positive and very efficient solution.

There is, after all, the possibility of assuming labor obligations, dealing with tax and tax issues, as well as corporate problems and so on. Even in the case of individuals, even family problems can threaten assets.

The most effective patrimonial protection is the one previously held, before legal, economic or financial problems occur. So no waiting for a problem to come up for support! You can choose to create a holding company, donate assets to heirs, make stable contracts or do a risk analysis.

  • Hire Insurance

Most people usually hire insurance to protect their cars and real estate, right? However, did you know that it is possible to extend this protection to all of your personal assets, including value-added goods?

The contracting of asset insurance takes place in the same way as the other protections: the contractor makes the payments of the monthly installments or an annuity so that, in case of any incident, the insurance company covers the costs of repair or compensation – total or partial. Everything will depend on what was agreed in a contract.

It is important to hire the service of companies considered as references in the market and that offer customized solutions for your needs.

  • Make an Asset Shield

Another quite common possibility when it comes to protection of assets is the armor. Thus, your personal assets will not be reached in case of bankruptcy or company debts.

The legal structure for this purpose is made in a preventive way to the businessman who does not have debts, with the purpose of assuring his future rights against the uncertainties that come with the business. This does not mean that the company will be free of financial problems, but that their personal assets will not be involved in unsuccessful agreements.

It has no mystery: Shielding is a way for the entrepreneur to protect his personal achievements and prevent his assets from evaporating in the event of business closure.

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