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UL/CSA Cable Manufacturer

Cables in Canada

Sycor Technology, which operates out of a 40,000-square foot facility in Mississauga, Ontario, has been providing cabling and wiring solutions for an international clientele since it was founded in 1981. Its cables and wires are designed to withstand a number of challenging environments, including ones that are unique to, for example, military settings and the oil and gas industry.

UL/CSA Certified

As a UL/CSA cable manufacturer, Sycor has been certified by those organizations. That means that its products meet industry standards and that their quality is assured. In addition, Sycor employees perform a number of tests and inspections prior to allowing any cables or wires to leave its warehouse, ensuring that only top-quality safe ones do.

Oil and Gas Industry

One of the fields that Sycor has a tremendous amount of experience with is the oil and gas industry. As a result, its cables and wires are designed to withstand harsh climates as well as environments that are often laced with a variety of dangerous chemicals. Additionally, these cables and wires last when presented with extreme climatical differences such as exceptionally high or low temperatures or excessively humid conditions.

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