What can a choir teach about singing harmony?

In Music, harmony refers to when two or more notes are heard or played at the same time and end up mixing and sounding good or pleasant. They can be any two notes that sound together but essentially different from each other. Harmony is when two different similar-sounding notes sound more pleasing to us done in isolation or in existence without the other sound. When learning to sing harmony it’s important to learn how to recognize accompanying parts of music, and how you can practice it by joining a singing choir that usually singing in harmony rather than unison:

Learn how to blend

When you are on your road to learning how to sing harmony, joining a choir can teach you a thing or two. A choir will usually sing in harmony and sometimes in unison accompanied by some track for backup. A choir can teach you how to blend in with other singers of similar capabilities and still sound pleasant to the listener. It’s very easy to point out if someone is not sounding pleasant in a choir and that’s why choirs can teach you blending.

Learn how to explore your range

A choir usually sings in harmony which means that there are singers who will be singing at different notes but still sound good to the listener. It can allow you to practice your own range of trying to sing differently from your own range. While learning how to sing in harmony, you can try exploring from singing in your normally high voice to try singing in a low voice or vice versa. It’s possible that if you are usually working alone and sing in a single tone or similar notes, you may never learn to move out of your comfort zone and a choir can help you to explore. 

Learn about music theory

A choir can be a good medium to strengthen what you already know about music. There are various choirs that take musical theory very strictly and sometimes will give you even music to read or to practice at the home. This opportunity can be used to train your ear to gather some knowledge about music. What you will end up doing is nurturing your instinct to recognizing different parts of the music and learning harmony at the very basic level.

As already mentioned, from the technical aspects of how joining a choir can help you to hone your musical ear and be intuitive about singing. Additionally, it can also teach you major socializing skills. You can have a lot of fun while learning to harmonize, how to take more risks and explore your range while you are learning to sing in a choir. Working in a group towards a common goal whether it’s for playing a sport or singing in harmony, people can learn about leadership and improve on their general self-esteem by learning from people who are better or worse than them that there is a learning curve for everybody.

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