Various ways of making MSEDCL bill payments online

Just like other basic necessities of life, electricity has become a need rather than being a luxury commodity anymore. Today, no household or industrial unit can run or survive without electricity. In order to have a seamless flow of electricity into your homes, offices, warehouses and factories, it is essential that you make your MSEDCL bill payments on time. Like all other utilities, when bill payments are delayed, the service provider invariably disconnects the connection. Obviously it then takes quite some time to get the connections active again depending upon the particular service provider’s compliant handling efficiency. All this makes it important that the MSEDCL electricity bill payment is done on a habitual basis before or on the due date. 

If standing in long queues at the payment counter is what is the greatest factor that prompts you to put the payment on hold or your hectic work-life schedule does not permit too much time to go for physical payments of electricity bills, you can now heave a sigh of relief for never before has MSEDCL bill payment been so easy and convenient. Thanks to the Mahavitaran-Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd., that has now started to accept online payments against monthly bills. 

MSEDCL bill payment online methods

There are two ways from which you can choose to make your electricity bill payments in the state of Maharashtra.

  1. Use the Mahavitaran-Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd website direct, register and pay using your credit card, debit card and Bank Transfer methods.
  2. Use a reliable third party payment aggregator site or App like that of Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe. 

How to use a third party App or site for making electricity bill payments and is it safe?

  • The first step in the process is to register with a reputed reseller or aggregator online.
  • The next step is to go onto the dashboard of the aggregator and choose electricity as the option.
  • Now you will be presented with different options of electricity board that the reseller is tied up with and on whose behalf the aggregator can accept payments. Choose MSEDCL.
  • Then enter your consumer number and the amount.
  • Lastly choose your preferred method of bill payment. Most resellers offer choice from credit cards, debit cards, Netbanking, UPI payments and the reseller-specific e-wallet as payment options.
  • Before submitting for payment, check if you are eligible for a cash-back offer or a promo discount coupon – tick the same and then proceed with payment. 

The entire payment method is safe and secure. This is because most reputed and top-notch resellers in the country are tied up with various service providers in various genres and hence invest heavily in making their infrastructure strong and robust. Other than the service providers and resellers ensuring that your money and transactions are safe, it is the user’s responsibility too to ensure that he/she conducts the payment operations online in a safe and secure manner. Using the electronic wallet, for example, is a great step towards protection of your banking and other sensitive personal details.

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