Think of exquisite mountain tour in Dubai, think of Hattan. It is known as one if the leading tourist destinations in all of the 7 Emirates with ots exhilarating views and scenery which can br found immensely appealing to all ages. A true case of money and time well spent.

The Hatta mountain tours is just another evidence of Dubai’s historical sites unlike the home of enormous malls, hotels, gigantic skyscrapers and man-made island it is famed for.

Desert safari tourism Dubai offers the best deals in getting acquainted with this amazing site for you to discover and explore.


  • Pick up and drop off fro anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah
  • Off road tracking across mountains
  • A visit to Hatta heritage village (except Fridays)
  • Hatta hill Park
  • Hatta fort Hotel visit
  • Lunch at Hatta fort Hotel for an additional cost of AED 80
  • Fresh water spring and pools ( Depending on season)
  • Drop off

A lavish time spent with Hatta mountain tours will leave a long lasting memory for you to savour. The tour brings about nothing short of excitement and mind blowing experience. With its luxurious mountain views and fascinating ambience. It’s like nothing ever seen before.


For history and art lovers alike, the Hatta village heritage is just the perfect vacation site for you. It is sometimes refered to be the toll gate to the history and cultural heritage of Dubai.

Art and architecture is not sacrificed here, leaving an amazing feeling to boot. With the presence of figurines, overlapped boulders, and water canals, you might tend to appreciate the true force of nature even further. The experience can be captured with your camera lens that will be cherished forever.

A different side of Dubai is viewed here and that is why a good range of special deals offers are available from Desert Safari Tourism Dubai for you and your company to savour and choose from.

It is affordable and worth every single penny you spend with professional tour guide present to assist you all through this memorable journey. Contact the provided help lines or visit Hatta mountain Tour from Dubai to inquire for more information on how to nake yor reservations today.


Pick up and drop off from the city of Dubai and Sharjah

4 persons AED 140 – This is ideal for a couple and two kids or a group of friends to enjoy good time.

5 – 10 persons AED 125 – The deal is ideal for a larger family with extended family and loved ones put into consideration

6 persons AED 125

12 persons AED 110 – This deal is perfect for a much larger family and the cost is much lower for the large family.

30+ persons for AED 100 –  The larger the family, the lower the rate!


There is also an available range of special booking services like the refund policy and no cost in early cancellation. There is also different options to make your payments safe fast and easy.

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