Using Facebook to live stream

Do you have an event that you wan to 실시간중계? Thenyou have an option of using facebook as you will not be charged for doing so.  So what are the strength and weaknesses of using each of them?

Facebook live

When you use Facebook like to do your 실시간중계, you will be able to jump directly into broadcasting the event online. It has benefits. It will be able to bypass complexities that come with traditional platforms for livestreaming which require that you invest in massive setup of hardware and video rendering capacity that are complex. You will also be able to tap into audience that already exists: Facebook page followers or Facebook friends.

What do you require to go live on Facebook?

  • A smartphone that has a Facebook app installed in it or a laptop or computer that has an add on or inbuilt webcam
  • Personal Facebook page or profile for the event or business

What are Facebook key features?

  • You can be able to toggle the setting on privacy to ensure the live stream are visible to the public or you can decide to keep them private so that a selected few audience will be able to view it. You will be able to tag in locations or people and add writings, filters and even drawings to the video you are streaming. 
  • You will be able to access specific metrics like total views, live viewers, average when it comes to watching time, and the demographics of the viewers.
  • Be able to add on the video some personal touch when you go live on the smartphone, talk to people, walk around the event, and then broadcast when you are at a vantage point. 
  • If using a laptop or a computer, you can share the screen. But you will need to download a screen-sharing app.
  • You will save the videos in your Facebook gallery once the 실시간중계ends so that you have a chance to view it later. 

What to watch out for when using the tool

  • Viewers negative comments which might be visible to all the other viewers and saved in the video
  • Utilize Facebook publisher that is built-in so that the video quality is enhanced of the live stream. It will require some third-party tools and technical knowledge.
  • You can use API to fetch the live stream from the video encoder. But it is a process which requires that you have some technical knowledge and screening under the review policies of the Facebook app.

Who is most suitable to use the Facebook live tool?

You can live stream on facebook if you have events of all types and sizes. It could be reading poetry to about 50 people to launching a large product that you want to have a viewership of more than 5000 people.  It is one of the tools that you can leverage a business or personal live streaming. The presence of Facebook and reach of an audience is what you are going to have.

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