How to get right tools for the right bar?

The bar is a fun place to be, not so much for the person behind. As underrated the job, the more art it requires. Mixing of drinks and bringing the perfect blend is complex. But it can done right, with the right bar tools

The bartender kit has a lot of tools in its set. There can be more than 20 pieces and all of them have a very specific role to fill. Lets’ understand a few of them. 

  1. Shaker- The shaker is used for vigorous and thorough mixing. There are four types of shakers most of them two and three pieces. Only a cobbler shaker has a strainer in-built. The other shakers require practice to master and to basically avoid any spill.
  2. Strainer- Much required, to strain the excess the pulp from the drink, ice and fruits remains from shaking. It has small holes in the strainer that allows only the strained drink to pass by. 
  3. Mixing glass- The name says for itself, the glass to mix all the ingredients. It can be either glass or a metal depending on their property to absorb energy. The metal can heat or cool quickly, but glass absorbs the energy. With some pre-cooling, it can quickly chill the cocktail drinks even after straining and stirring. 
  4. Stirring spoon- Believe or not, there are various types of bar spoons that are used for stirring the cocktail. If you see a cocktail set you can find some with twirling stems, or some as big as tear-drop base. They all have long stems, to reach the base of the glass.
  5. Measure- It is most important, to measure is the key to serving the perfect drink. The perfect measure can give the perfect drink. 
  6. Knife- A good stainless knife, to cut through fruits or slices of them for garnishing. Along with a chopping board. 
  7. Juicer and peeler- The juicer is to squeeze the juice of mostly used citrus fruits. There are a lot of peelers and zesters that are used to garnish the food or drink.
  8. Ice scoop- This makes it easy to scoop and put couple of ice cubes in the drink, without spilling. The mostly used are smaller in size as they can easily incorporate all the ice in the glass. 
  9. Ice box- Easy to use and mobile, the ice box is necessary for a bar as one can’t always stand next to a fridge. With some ice bags, you can store juice and alcohol easily in the ice box. It also makes scooping the ice easier. 

There are a lot more things that can be seen in bartender kit, but these are basic and most required. Most of the home bar accessories can be bought online, but buying it from the right place matters. There are special sites owned purely by professional bartenders and no knows about it better than a bartender. They provide the best of quality bar tools.

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