Top Five Reasons Why You Should Use Shrink Wrapping

A shrink wrap is a modern packaging method where you wrap a plastic film around materials then heat is applied for the plastic to shrink and hold the goods together. In addition to grouping the product, the shrink wrap also protects them from moisture and dirt while on transit. There a lot of shrink wrapping machines available in the market such as L sealers, pallet wrappers, and chamber shrink wrapper but you should choose ashrink wrap machine for sale depending on the type of product you are dealing with. Below are some of the benefits of using shrink wrapping as a packaging method.

1. Product Protection

Products differ in terms of shape, size, and designs, but they all require protection from damages that can occur during transportation or storage. Coming up with the right packaging can be difficult but shrink wrapping works for almost any product. The polythene wrapping paper protects products from Harmful factors such as moisture and dirt, keeping the product new. Proper protection of products will reduce the rejection rate of your products.

2. Durability

Correctly done shrink wrapping holds products tightly together to avoid cases of slacking or wilting. The polythene film used by shrink wrapping machines is of high quality and hard to damage. When the packaging holds its shape well, the products will remain attractive to the eyes of the consumer and avoid chances of having your goods rejected over damages fears.

3. Cost Effectiveness

Products used in shrink wrapping are very affordable compared to the ones used in other packaging methods. You will use 75% fewer materials in shrink wrapping as compared to traditional packaging techniques. Another cost saving benefit of shrink wrapping is that it increases your storage space by enclosing products tightly together. The saved area can be used for other products enabling you to best utilize space in your warehouse, factory, or distribution centres. Properly packaged products will also require less space during transportation, thus reducing the number of trips taken.

4. Suitability

Another benefit of using shrink wrapping is that it can be used for a variety of products that differ in shape, size, and design. This packaging method is also suitable for high-value goods as it helps in avoiding tampering. You will easily notice alterations in shrink-wrapped products due to the tight seal created when the wrap is heated. The non- tampering capability of shrink wrapping makes it the best packaging method for sensitive goods such as medicines food and money. Shrink wrapping is also suitable for products that need refrigeration as it protects them from moisture.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Shrink-wrapping should be a packaging solution of choice for eco-friendly companies. A shrink wrap is less bulky compared to traditional packaging methods that are a headache when it comes to disposal. Increased innovation has also lead to the production of biodegradable shrink-wraps, which can decompose naturally.

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