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Air guns differ from traditional firearms in that they use compressed CO2 or air to propel a projectile and not a small explosion inside the barrel. C02 cartridges and gas springs are very powerful and work like conventional guns. You can find anything from a 177 calibre gun to types that are as a high as .303 calibres. There are even small PCP airguns that you can use when teaching your children how to shoot. When it comes to the ammo, you have a selection of pellets, scopes and BBs, among others. This article helps you select your ideal gun from several air guns for sale.

Why go for an Air Rifle and not the Traditional Type?

A Versatile Solution

Air firearms come in a variety of calibres which can be used by people of ages and purposes. You will find appropriate guns for shooting games for your kids, quiet types for your practice or powerful ones for hunting.

Cheap Ammo

Shooting air ammo is several times cheaper than shooting a projectile or a bullet from your traditional firearm. This makes it a good practice gun that would help you achieve the same goals as the conventional firearm.


Although you should take all the necessary caution when using any gun, the pellets and ammo used in air pistols are less powerful and the projectiles do not go far. This makes them less risky for use with inexperienced shooters.

Which is the Best Model for You?

What is the Strength

With tens of options available in the market, you may not be sure of what to pick. In the UK, if you do not want to get a firearm certificate, pick an airgun with muzzle energy of not more than 12-foot-pounds. Most practice guns have muzzle energy of about 6 feet.

Which Calibre Do You Pick?

Your choice of calibre depends on the use of the gun. If you are looking for a gun for targeting and hunting, a .177 calibre would be good as it has a flat trajectory and better than even the .22 calibre. On the other hand, a .22 calibre gun is more air efficient and delivers more shots per air fill than the. .177. You can also go for specialist calibres such as .30, .25 and .303.

Multi-shot or Single-shot

Most of the UK air guns today offer single-shot and multishot capabilities. The multishot format uses a magazine. However, there are few with only the single-shot capabilities. The single-shots are a lot easier to operate as they do not require you to index the magazine before firing a shot. On the other hand, multi-shots deliver rapid fire and are fun to operate.

From the air guns for sale, pick one that matches your use. If you are new to guns, it is advisable that you seek help at the store to make a good selection. Enjoy your shooting spree with your next gun.

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