Tips to Choose Your Jewelry

The rules for wearing jewelry have changed a lot in recent years … And what about how much it has changed over the decades! … However, there are still some rules that will help make your look sober and not exaggerated. These are our tips to choose your jewelry with elegance.

Define what you want to look more

It seems obvious but it is not. If you have a beautiful dress full of rhinestones, the worst thing you can do is wear huge earrings, with the necklace, bracelet and ring.

On the other hand, simple, elegant dresses and in neutral or plain colors allow the piece of jewelry to take center stage. “A necklace of rubies or turquoise, colored gems, will give a strong but elegant contrast,” advises the expert.

Decide on a piece

You are not in the coronation of Napoleon, the times to wear tiaras full of diamonds, with a ring on each finger, bracelets, pins and necklaces are in the past.

If you want to use a large or ostentatious piece you do not wear more accessories just as striking. Currently, the Midwest Jewellery when selling you a “jewelry set” ensure that only one piece is striking while the accessories are simpler.

Rigorous etiquette

You are going to a super elegant dinner and you have no idea what to wear. On those occasions, fine jewelry is the custom, use gold or platinum in combination with precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds or pearls.

If you don’t have any of that, don’t worry, simple gold brooches can save you. Not that you can not forget is that with a long dress a watch is not used and if you wear long earrings you should not wear a necklace.

Day or night?

If your event is during the day you should opt for warm colors and you can play with semi-precious stones, an amber necklace will be very striking and cheerful. The colors to look for are red, yellow, purple or pearl.

The indispensable.

Whether day or night, casual or rigorous etiquette, nothing will save you like a single stone diamond brooches or earrings with a single pearl, which you can use anywhere, time of year or event. White pearls and diamonds are the wild cards.

What is going on with your skin tone?

When you choose a piece of jewelry, ask to be shown in white gold and yellow, since they will not look the same. Buy only until you’ve tried both.

Simple versus ostentatious

An ostentatious piece can be used at night but it must be high-level jewelry, that is, the precious stones you use must be accompanied by diamonds, such as the engagement ring of the Duchess of Cambridge, which is a sapphire surrounded by small diamonds . During the day, opt for the simple.

You should also consider that very striking pieces cannot be used constantly, yes, a huge amber necklace or ruby ​​choker will be difficult to forget, while simple and sober pieces can be used constantly. No one will say anything if you repeat a pearl necklace with several different outfits.

Be in fashion

There are currently three trends mainly; the first is to use jewelry with old touches. Cartier and Tiffany have collections with those characteristics, so dust off Grandma’s earrings and go for it!

The second is to use slabs, that is, small sheets of precious stones. With this you can get modern parts at a more accessible cost. And finally, use games that are “non-game”, which means using pieces that can be used separately.

Mind you, that doesn’t mean you put a ruby ​​necklace with turquoise earrings, but make combinations: white pearl earrings and black pearl necklace; emeralds on the earrings and a diamond charm.

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