Precision crossover cone – The Basketball Training Device Your Need to Be a Great Ball Handler

As with any sport, basketball requires thorough training to develop and perfect your dribbling and ball-handling skills. But did you know there is one excellent basketball training device that helps kids improve their dribbling and ball-handling skills? With the basketball game-changing incredibly fast, there is a need for players to embrace the most current training methods to keep up with the game’s evolution.

The precision crossover cone is a great basketball training device that trains kids to stay low while performing dribble moves. The innovative training device is designed to perfect a player’s ball-handling ability while ensuring they adopt the right posture when dribbling. The precision crossover cone replaces outdated basketball training methods with modern methods that match the current style of play. The crossover cone integrates an innovative training style with ultimate versatility in the sense that it teaches crossover techniques,ball-handling moves and supports footwork as well. This ensures a player is equipped with all the necessary skills to play as a team.

The precision crossover cone comes in handy in training basketball players to stay low while dribbling at multiple speeds. With this training device, players can effectively perform dribble moves such as the crossover, the in and out, the killer crossover, the split dribble, and the shammgod.

Modern elegant design

The precision crossover cone combines a training arch that is attached to an orange cone made of PVC plastic.

How does the precision crossover cone work?

The precision crossover cone works in a simple way to help basketball players perfect their dribbling skills.Ideally, a player should bend at a 90° angle to adopt the best posture to perform dribble moves.  The device prompts a player to bend at the right angle to be able to dribble through it. This ensures a player takes the proper angle when dribbling the ball through the cone or otherwise the cone will knock over.


  • Encourages a proper posture while dribbling
  • Makes it easier for coaches and trainers to teach ball handling and dribbling.
  • Helps to decrease ball turnover
  • Improves ball-handling skills in all aspects
  • Encourages kids to dribble low
  • Easy to train with
  • Revolutionizes the way basketball players train.
  • The precision crossover cone adds a new and innovative element to basketball training.

The precision crossover cone is currently the most sought-after training device due to functionality in improving aspects of ball handling. Besides, the device is an excellent basketball training device for kids as it teaches good habits from an early stage.


A modern design,ultimate versatility with new and innovative training experience. That is what the precision crossover cone is all about.  If you’re serious about helping your kids take their basketball handling abilities to a new level with the right posture, then consider getting them the precision crossover cone. In basketball, there are no shortcuts if you want to be the best. You ought to get the precision crossover cone.

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