Three Netflix Shows with Law Enforcement to Watch This Quarantine

Shows To Watch On Netflix To Fill Your Days Under Quarantine

Watching the police and other law enforcement agencies work in TV shows is fascinating. One-by-one they uncover the mysteries of convoluted crimes. Detectives cooperate with each other to bring justice and arrest the true suspects. They also seem so cool, speaking in codes through MSAT-G2 radios and working top-of-the-line gadgets. However, these are more apparent in fictional shows–such as Brooklyn 99, Money Heist, and Lucifer–than in reality TV shows like Cops.

Brooklyn 99

Sometimes, cop shows entail masculinity, a serious tone, and action-packed. Brooklyn 99, on the other hand, challenges this idea. It’s one of the most progressive shows out there, as they tackle relevant social issues like racism, homophobia, gender inequality, and fragile masculinity.

The idiosyncrasies of the characters drive every episode. Jake is the station’s best detective, but he is also a slob and fails to take anything seriously. Amy, with her dreams of becoming a captain, is incredibly organized and sometimes struggles to let loose. Charles, with his ‘feminine’ interests, is most passionate about food. Rosa is a bisexual who wears all black leather jackets and boots, and rarely smiles.

Their Sargent, Terry, is a buff man who just wants to be the best dad and husband–basically Terry Crews. The station’s caption, Captain Holt, is the first openly gay black man who rose to his position.

Given this list of characters, you’ll have a gist of what every episode is like. It’s comedic and smart, so every episode, you’ll get something new from the show.


Lucifer takes “Evil is among us” quite seriously. The premise of the show revolves on Lucifer taking a vacation on Earth where he exists among humans as a good-looking, wealthy bar owner, dressed in fine suits every day.

Because he is the divine punisher, he finds joy in working with Chloe Decker, a detective, as a civilian consultant. Together, they piece two and two together to find criminals, so Lucifer can punish them on Earth.

Throughout the show, Lucifer faces problems brought by family members, as they visit the Earth to convince him to go back to hell. Unexpectedly, the show packs a lot of humor and irony, grounded on basic knowledge about Christianity and The Bible. He’ll never miss a chance to respond to every “Oh, God!” in the show.

Money Heist

This one is not centered on the cops, but it shows how law enforcement manages situations. Money Heist is a Spanish series that shows the robbery of large institutions in the country. May it be The Mint or The Bank of Spain, the group of criminals can surely infiltrate them with the help of The Professor who manages what happens outside the buildings.

While the group, or The Resistance, carries out their elaborate plans, the police struggle to negotiate in a little tent outside the buildings. They strategize their next move with The Professor as if it were a game of chess. They try to infiltrate the building, but The Resistance brings out the literal big guns.

The show is about tactics, critical thinking, and survival. Money Heist knows how to bring their audience to the edge of their seats, increasing their heart rate in the process.

The three shows are available on Netflix, and you can watch when you need some good content during self-quarantine. These shows are just as great on the first watch and the twentieth watch.

Meta Title: Three Netflix Shows with Cool and Interesting Law Enforcers

Meta Description: Watching the police and other law enforcement agencies work in TV shows, such as Brooklyn 99, Money Heist, and Lucifer, is fascinating. Fortunately, they’re available on Netflix, and you can watch them during self-quarantine.



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