North American citizens often see this little electrical face all around their houses and other places. The electrical outlets are fifteen inches in height and are usually present on a nearby outlet or wall. These nifty bodies have three basic holes that arranged in a very specific manner. They are globally similar in structure and are manufactured and established for a single task. The story of mechanical and electrical kind behind these ubiquitous wall outlets is an interesting one.

The Hubbell plugs and the post standardization era

The problems faced by engineers during the old days feels relatively small and timid. However, when one considers the comparative timeline of development vs in progress evolution it is clear to see that they were in a bigger kind of pickle. The era of industrial revolution led to the birth of a consumer need where there was a demand for a product where they could attach their electrical appliances and other devices without requiring to call their electrician to their houses for installing separate units for the purpose. The standards of the typical wall outlet are and was determined by an association called NEMA which stands for national electrical manufacturers association. The ground connection is very intricate and interesting. The three wire plugs have a ground connection that extends much further from the core of the body that is insulated. The reason behind this is to get a way for the ground circuit to be complete before the line and neutral connections are established. This is pure safety standards.

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