How Do I Know If I Have Mold In My Air Ducts?

Molds poses serious risks to your air conditioning system. They spread rapidly, pose health risks, and are not always eradicated through normal HVAC repair work. During routine preventive maintenance, AC repair firms will remove the fungus from your evaporator and blower, but you must also remember the ducts.


5 Important steps for Mold removal


Cleaning of the air ducts is an important part of regular HVAC maintenance. Because your air ducts are passing through your house, they can spread fungi to every room and contaminate all you own. Here are some of the common steps you can take when mold has contaminated your system. It is important to get the assistance of an ac cleaning company dubai  to help you to prevent misplacing or damage to your air conditioning.


  1. Turn Off Your Air Conditioner 


You’ll need to stop all the moving parts to conduct a deep clean. This also helps to ensure the air flow does not spread the contaminants more quickly than you can clean them up.


  1. Wear Protection


Everyone should wear substantial respiratory protection in the field. Cleaning the mildew produces airborne particles you can inhale if you’re not careful enough. Aid also to gloves and trash bags. 


  1. Dispose Worn Out Parts


Filters, isolation, and everything else that can get wet should go. We recommend that the waste be double-bagged to ensure it does not cause a mess or spread the problem to anything else.


  1. Use Proper Disinfectants


Using EPA licensed disinfectants to get rid of mold, mildew, and bacteria. You’ll need to get to every surface and individual parts within your device to prevent the problem from coming back. Try sectioning off areas as you clean them, so that no airborne particles spread. Fog of a disinfectant can help to contain the infection.


  1. Take Preventive Measures


Use mold inhibitors to stop the problem from returning, and prevent the body from having the same problem again. You should also use an industrial vacuum to ensure top cleanliness in every area you’ve worked on.


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