Reasons Why Men Wear Watches

Some will probably argue that wristwatches are slowly getting old-fashioned. Why would a modern man wear a wristwatch when he can pick up his smartphone to see the time?

1. Watches Are Practical

Smartphones don’t let you arrive on time – but watches do.

“I don’t need a watch because I have a smartphone” is the typical answer of a generation that is now discussing the disadvantages of long-term smartphone use. Having to rummage around for your smartphone regularly to check the time seems somehow desperate.

A quick look at your wrist is a far more stylish way to keep track of time during a date or meeting. It seems bold when you pull out your cell phone while talking to colleagues. It is not advisable to take your cell phone out of your pocket for every occasion. On the beach, at a funeral or wedding, a wristwatch is more helpful in checking the time.

2. Clocks Are Functional

An item inspired by the military has a practical use. Watches are one of them.

The military first used them in the 19th century to synchronize maneuvers during the war. Since then, exceptional watches have been used by divers in the ocean’s depths and by pilots above the clouds.

One of the significant advantages of watches – especially over smartphones – is how long they work. Many watches get their energy from movement or need batteries that last for years. Compare that to the eight hours of battery life on your smartphone!

A complicated watch like Rolex pinklao (rolex ปิ่น เกล้า which is the term in Thai) can do more than show the time and date. Such additional functions are called complex. Two of these complex functions are the stopwatch and the display of the moon phase.

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