Leather Shoulder holster – How To Choose A Right Gun Holster?

If you plan to buy a concealed carrier for your favorite firearm, the most lucrative thing to consider is which holster material to choose. Wherever you search online or in the market, you will find the highest demand for two types of holster, such as Kydex holster and leather shoulder holster.

But you have to understand which of these is the right choice for you and you have to select it based on your needs. If you select a leather shoulder holster, it will be most beneficial for you because the natural organic material in leather is the best choice for any weapon cover to last a long time. In addition, leather is elegant, classy, ​​fashionable, and long-lasting. Even if you change your firearm, you may not have to change the cover for the rest of your life.

Since 1950 Kirkpatrick leather has been one of the best Texas-based companies that serve a wide range of gun holsters with high-quality leather materials.

Which leather does offer?

On the Kirkpatrick website, you will find many other leather items besides leather holsters. Several skilled artists process and design them. They do not use any imported products or import materials from any third party. They use high-quality American leather for all the products, such as 8 ounces cowhide leather for the holsters, 9 ounces leather for the belt, and 4 ounces material for the lined version.

So, you do not have to be confused about the leather quality because Kirkpatrick is the best brand in the holster production industry.

Can you exchange it?

Most leather shoulder holsters are custom-made and made specification-wise. So it is advisable to get information about the exchange and return policy from the website before ordering. Although the return policy is liberal, there is no return, refund, or exchange for custom-made products. Any custom-made product is considered a final sale, and you can never exchange them.

  • You cannot return the item after using it.
  • You will have to pay a restocking charge for specific items.
  • You must return the item within 20 days of receiving it.
  • You do not have to pay shipping fees at the time of exchange.
  • You cannot exchange any item if it is a custom-made material.


If you search the internet, you will find much additional information about leather shoulder holsters that will help you buy the best holster. Many may ask which leather is most suitable for making holsters. Leather is made by tanning animal skins and hides with some scientific process, and for this, the leather is durable and powerful.

In the shooting field, leather is a standard material for making holsters and slings. Tanning is a scientific treatment for altering the structure of animal hides and helping them to be powerful. It also increases the strength of the leather and prevents it from deteriorating too quickly. When leather is molded, stitched, burnished, and high-quality oil is applied, it gives confidence to the shooter, and it can be used for several years.

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