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Reasons to Call a San Antonio Plumbing Company

There can be many plumbing repairs that you can do on your own but there are certain times when you may want to call a San Antonio plumbing company.

There Is a Rapid Water Supply Line Leak: This is usually the classic moment that warrants a visit from a San Antonio plumbing company. It’s not common but it can happen and you need to act fast. You want to look for the water supply cut off valve near the leak. If you can’t find that then find the home’s main water shut off valve and turn off the water to prevent further damage to the home.

There Is No Water in the House: If water stops flowing in the home, sometimes it can be localized around an area such as the shower or sink. However, sometimes water stops flowing to the entire home. Check all the water outlets to make sure they are receiving water and check the hot and cold water supplies. There could be a problem with the water heater but you still get cold water. If there is still no water, this is a problem for a professional.

There Is a Rapid Drainage Line Leak: Drainage lines that extend beyond the sink aren’t always obvious. If there is a drainage line that is leaking and sealed up under the floor or behind a wall then you will need to take immediate action with a plumber. You want to prevent damage to the paint, subfloor, and drywall.

There Is a Sewer Line Leak: A blocked or broken sewer will usually manifest itself in the yard with a pool of smelly and murky water. Strange events can happen inside, like toilets filling when you run the sink or your bathtub filling with wastewater. You can dig up the sewer line to locate the broken pipe to fix it but the do-it-yourself approach can be taxing. It’s important to call in a plumbing company for the repair since the company can use a video inspection on the sewer line to see if the line actually needs to be dug up.

The Water Heater Has a Natural Gas Leak: If you smell gas in the home then it could be attributed to an obvious answer. However, sometimes the source of a gas leak can be from the water heater. If you smell gas around the water heater, know that this isn’t normal and it can be a dangerous situation.

You Have Low Water Pressure: Sometimes the lower water pressure can be contributed to gunk build up on the faucet but if this doesn’t restore your faucet then it could be a serious issue. You don’t want to fix a fractured pipe, eroded waterline, or water leak by yourself.

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