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5 Good Reasons to Plan That Popcorn Ceiling Removal Greenwood Village CO Now

One of the things you’ve never liked about the home is the popcorn ceilings found in most of the rooms. It tends to date the house and you aren’t that crazy about the look anyway. While those are valid reasons for arranging a popcorn ceiling removal greenwood village co, here are a few more that will more than justify the cost of the project.

It Might Contain Asbestos

How old is your home? If it was built prior to 1978, or even if the ceilings were redone before that year, there’s a good chance that those popcorn ceilings are partially composed of asbestos. Given how much we know about the health issues associated with asbestos exposure, do you really want to spend any more time around this type of material? See the removal and replacement as one more way to make the home a healthier place to live.

Nothing But a Big Old Dust Catcher

Popcorn ceilings are designed in a way that they are intended to add texture to the room. While that’s fine, there is one major drawback: that texture attracts and retains quite a bit of dust. It’s not just that things are dusty up there. It’s also that the dust can trap odors that seem to linger for a long time. Your rooms will likely smell a little fresher without those minute traces of odor clinging to the ceiling.

Cleaning is Difficult If Not Impossible

You don’t try cleaning the ceilings often, and for good reason. All those little nooks and crannies in the surfaces make it difficult to get all of the dust and grime. Even when you spend a lot of time on the cleaning, there still seems to be some areas that just won’t come clean. Some type of smooth ceiling would be a lot easier to keep up. Get rid of the popcorn and replace it with something more practical and simpler to maintain.

Painting a Popcorn Ceiling is No Picnic

What if you want to change the look of a room? Painting is a quick way to accomplish that. Unfortunately, the effort that goes into painting popcorn ceilings is barely worth it. Even if you use a paint sprayer, attempting to achieve an even coat is not easy. If you’re the type of person who likes to redecorate every few years, opting for a popcorn ceiling removal Greenwood Village CO and going with a smoother surface will make those updates a lot simpler.

Potential Buyers Won’t Consider It An Asset

The day will come when you decide to sell the property. You can bet that potential buyers will take one look at the popcorn ceiling and think twice about making an offer. If you really want to attract more positive attention during showings and open houses, do something about the ceilings now. You get to enjoy the benefits between today and when you sell the house, and there’s one less feature that could cause buyers to turn away.

The bottom line is that that dated popcorn ceiling is not doing you any favors. Why not get rid of it now? Call a local professional and find out what it would take to replace them with something more to your liking. Once the work is done, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

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