Importance of Gut Health

We’re all familiar with the phrase, you are what you eat, but did you know that this is actually true?

What we put into our bodies is how we create energy and mindset to fuel our days. Over time, if we keep feeding our bodies unhealthy, sugary and processed foods, it can lead to poor gut health that in turn affects our entire body. But not only this, there are a multitude of things that can affect your gut health, like excess alcohol consumption, overuse of antibiotics and stress.

So, what actually happens when your gut health is struggling?

You could see yourself being constantly irritated, in bad moods and covered in brain fog. Feeling sick when you eat, bloated and cramping.

You can also open yourself up to frequent illnesses, headaches, joint pains and exhaustion.

More severely, it can cause depression and weight gain.

If these symptoms sound familiar, there are five main things that are usually to blame for your poor gut health and in turn other mental and physical health issues.

  1. Poor diet including processed and sugaring foods
  2. Excess work and personal stresses – don’t underestimate the toll stress takes on your body and especially your gut
  3. Constant use of antibiotics and pain relief such as paracetamol, whilst killing an infection, strips your gut of all its good bacteria
  4. Having too much alcohol – we all know that alcohol is not good for us, but excess consumption can have extremely negative impacts on the gut
  5. Not getting enough quality sleep negatively effects digestion.

According the home doctor experts at House Call Doctor, any or all of these culprits can affect your gut health and in turn your everyday life. 

So, how can we nurture our gut and prevent these symptoms from happening? Here’s a quick and easy check list.

  • Stock up on a variety of fibre rich, fermented foods (dark, leafy greens and things like sauerkraut and kimchi) and drop the processed sugars
  • Eat prebiotic rich foods such as garlic, artichokes, seaweed and leeks 
  • Add a probiotic to your daily routine
  • Exercise regularly 
  • Avoid antibiotics and pain killers as much as possible
  • If consuming excess alcohol, make sure to stay hydrated with something like Hydralyte.  

Although we are what we eat, we are so much more than that and so is our gut health. It’s important to make sure we follow these quick and easy to steps to lead a happier, healthier life for ourselves and our gut!  

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