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How To Choose An ISO Consultant

When choosing the professional who will pass on valuable information to the company, it is not enough to evaluate their qualifications; you need to look for their references. Search for other companies that were also served by him, to know how the experience was and if the desired results were achieved.

If you need a Need an ISO consultant (ต้องการที่ปรึกษา ISO which is the term in thai) for your organization, we have developed this article with seven questions that you must ask before hiring consulting.

What Are The Qualifications Of The Consultant?

Before even calling a candidate for a conversation, the first question asked by the recruiter to choose the resume is: What is the qualification of this candidate? Does it fit our expectations?

Verify that the company website provides your qualifications, awards, certifications, and information on the consultants who operate in your operation. If you have all that, it’s a good start.

What Are The Recommendations For This Consultancy?

An excellent presentation is ideal, but everyone knows that the best advertisement is word of mouth. Recommendations count a lot when choosing a service. Whenever we buy through the internet, before we look at the evaluation of the product, read the comments of those who have already purchased and so we get better conclusions.

A good tip is to search the internet about the company, check if there are lawsuits opened against it by problems in providing services. Check if there are any client company whose owner you know so that you can observe beyond the qualifications, the reputation of the company.

Does The Company Have A Profile On Social Networks?

Through the internet, you can see the interaction of the company with customers and with the external public. Social networks can provide valuable information, such as dissatisfied customer comments, and news brought by the organization

Social networks can also be a great ally in finding other company customers to gather information and recommendations to the company.

Does The Company Offer Certification Approval?

Imagine that you are a colleague, the day of the exam is coming and you have prepared yourself all year long, everything has been done with much effort at the cost of hours of study on the wire. Then comes the test and you find that your teacher has guided you with the wrong materials and you have no idea how to answer many questions of proof.

For one of the most important questions to ask when choosing a company to assist with ISO 9001 certification is whether the company offers certification assurance. The certification guarantee is a contractual clause that makes the consulting company responsible for the approval or disapproval of the contracting company during the external audit. That is, if the company meets all the advice of the consultancy, is approved in the internal review and is still disapproved; all the burden will be of the consultancy.

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