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Without communication of different parts of the world, humans as a civilization cannot sustain. No country in today’s world itself-sufficient, every country has its requirements in terms of import. The most common way of import or for that matter export is through sea route or air route. Air route is usually used when the amount of goods that need to be transferred from one place to the other in less in quantity and on the other hand sea route is considered to be cheaper and thus used for bulkier transportation.

How’s SMESHIPPPING is changing the shipping business

SMESHIPPING, a shipping (ส่ง สินค้า ทาง เรือ which is the term in Thai) company from Thailand itself is offering a great deal of advantages when it comes to the business of shipment be that of personal packages or bulks of packages from a business.

The advantages offered by SMESHIPPPING in case of personal packages are–

  1. Guaranteed faster delivery than any other shipping company. The average time taken to deliver a personal parcel to any part of the world is 2-3 days. It is only possible for them as they have tied up with global leaders in express delivery like FedEx, TNT, DHL, etc.
  2. They offer damage free goods delivery as they pack the parcels themselves. And if by any way the product inside the parcel gets damages they offer compensation and insurance as well.

The advantages offered by SMESHIPPPING in case of cargo shipping are–

  1. Guaranteed delivery without any damage to the orders.
  2. Provision for both LCL and FCL delivery.
  3. In case of emergency, they provide for delivery through light cruise ships.
  4. The charges of cargo shipment are lower when compared to other companies in Thailand.

So, if you or your associates work in Thailand and dire need of shipping packages then feel free to contact them anytime, and you do not have to worry anymore as their employees will pick up your package from your doorstep itself and they will deliver your package to destination along with your convenience.

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