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Escape Rooms: Fun and Thrill All at Once

An escape room is a room full of puzzle and mystery games where a group of people come together to solve them,  and try to escape the room within a given period.

Escape rooms have become very famous these days. It is also considered a great activity to improve the team bonding. Every team present in the room has to solve the puzzles to get out of the room in the alloted time slot. The idea of the escape room was developed from a video game called Escape Room which was first played in Japan, and then in Europe. The rooms usually have a theme-based decoration; the theme can be of any movie, books, fantasy story etc. Escape rooms also help with mental stimulation. There are individual rooms for kids as well with simpler games and friendly atmosphere. 

Every escape room has a different theme and decor. The most important thing required to escape the room is teamwork. A team cannot escape the room if there is no coordination amongst them. Escape rooms have numerous benefits, such as:

  • Since it is a great team-building activity, it also helps in communicating with the teammates.
  • While exploring and trying to get out of the room, there are undoubtedly new things that you might get to discover and learn.
  • The escape room is all about movement and physical activities that help in keeping you fit. This is a period of exercise that comes with fun.
  • The puzzle-solving activities need a lot of brainstorming, and along with the time pressure, it gets more challenging to perform the tasks. It tests your capability to handle pressure and time.
  • It gives a sense of happiness and achievement when you solve each puzzle and get the clues.
  • Solving puzzles take a lot of time and effort, but it eventually helps in improving your problem-solving skills.
  • During the puzzle-solving sessions, every detail has to be analyzed to move forward to the next level. It helps in making you more detail-oriented.
  • The escape room is a great stress buster as is filled with fun, thrill, team-bonding, games, etc.
  • The puzzles and games in escape games are built in a way that they work well on enhancing your memory.

Usually, the escape room time limit is for an hour, and within that one hour, the team has to complete all the puzzles and games. Every escape room has different set-up and games. The different types of escape rooms are explained below:

  • Linear Escape Room: This is the most common escape room you will find. In this room, there is a sequence of puzzles, where they have to be solved one after the other then only they can move forward in the game. It is the primary and easy level escape room, which is perfect for the first-timers and individuals who want to enjoy the game without any troubles. Since it is straightforward from other rooms, it can be solved with the help of 1 or 2 people as well.
  • Non-linear Escape Room: This is one level more difficult than the linear escape room. In this room, you have to find bits and pieces of puzzles together, which later turns into a big puzzle at the end of the game. It is suitable for a large group of people who have already experienced other escape rooms.
  • Mixed Linear and Nonlinear: This room, as the name suggests, is a combination of a giant puzzle consisting of small puzzles along with it. This game is fun when played in a big group because it involves each and everyone in the room.

All these escape rooms are fun when played with friends in a big group. On the other, it is a high team-building activity for a group of working professionals as it immensely helps in team building and coordination. You can explore a plethora of challenges in escape rooms Edmonton and decide which one to begin your adventure with. 

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