Owned by the parent company, Dunlop ( a British subsidiary company). Their tyres are well known for it’s diversity in achieving the highest standards in for both racers and contemporary driving experience.

The company was the first ever to manufacturer tyres for bicycles and later expanded their ventures throughout the automobile world. This has eventually made them one of the leading tire manufacturers in the globe.

They have a sound reputation for advanced innovations while also keeping up with the daily demands and satisfaction of their costumers spread across numerous countries including the UAE. It is virtually impossible to walk into a tyre shop without coming across a Dunlop brand.

Dunlop tyre have become famous in the driving world due to the grip, tractions, handling in shopping and also dry conditions. Their strong target towards the mid range market sector also contributes to their diversity which makes their products very much accessable and affordable, no matter what type of vehicle you own.


Dunlop tyres have a unique tread design which are able to absorb even the lethal of shocks so your driving experience will be quiet, luxurious and comfortable.


Given the dry and hot temperature of city of Dubai, in particular, you will know quite alright that when placing an order for new set of tyres, you will need a brand something that can withstand the exreme conditions of the city.

Not taking away its quality, Dunlop tyres are simple and light in design but still some-how has the tendency to survive the impending extremities of Dubai roads.

A quality tyre mirrors a safe driving experience. So when searching for the best Dunlop tyres in UAE , Dunlop Tyres at Dubaityreshop is the hub for you.

From economical to bigger budgets, you will certainly find the best prices because of the wide range it offers along with it’s pedigree and long life as you won’t need to change your tyres any time soon. Do not worry about the delivery and fittings as the best services are also available.

Dunlop offers tyre products in many varieties that suits your needs at every turn and swerve of your stirring wheel. Below is the formal breakdown of some of the Dunlop brands available with a stern consideration to rim size and load bearing.

SP Sport SPTRG TI, SP Touring TI, SP Sport 300, SP4000, SP Sport LM704, SP10, SP Sport 2050, SP Sport 705, SP Sport 2030, SP Sport 270, SP Sport Maxx 050+, SP Sport Maxx A1 A/S, SP Sport 01, SP Sport Road Gripper S, SP Sport Maxx TT. Veuro VE303, Grandtrek ST20, Grandtrek AT20, Grandtrek TG4, Grandtrek TG35 M2, Grandtrek PT3, Grandtrek TG28 M2, Grandtrek ST30, Grandtrek AT22.

By visiting reviews , your needs will be assessed by trained customer care personals that offer maximum help services in acquiring more information and guide to getting a new set of tyres for your safety and comfort when driving today.

Here is an optional contact number to reach out to:  +971 5562 69517 /+971 54420 4322.

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