Contaminants in food is the new major concerns for medical professionals

Contaminants in food ( สารปนเปื้อนในอาหาร ,which is the term in Thai) has become one if the major concerns for scientists and doctors all over the world. It has been no secret that food processing and packaging industry has been using different types of chemical in order to increase the shelf life of different food products. But with the increase in chemical industry more and more harmful chemicals and preservatives have been introduced by different companies to increase the shelf life of the food products further.

How good contaminants reach into our system?

If you do some research you will come to know about four major groups of contaminants in food. Though they are termed as contaminants but Industry dies not treat them in that manner rather they tends to use them in greater potion to increase shelf life of the products. The first major product that has been used in meat industry is the meat enhancing steroids. These types of steroids been used by farm owners to enhance meat production from the cattles. But this chemicals may cause different chronic diseases and sometimes as severe as cancer can be caused due to its carcinogenic effect. The second mostly used mixture of chemical is called borax. Borax is mainly used in vegetables and fruits to keep the fruit plants resistant to certain group of fungi and all. But this borax may cause a number of skin diseases in case of direct contact. The third one is called Formalin. Formalin I’d actually 1% solution of formaldehyde and it is used in laboratories for preserving living tissues and cells. But now it is used in plant and animal produces which can in turn cause a number of digestive system disorders in humans. And the last one is preservatives. Preservatives are as everyone knows cones with every packaged product and can cause a wide range of chronic diseases if consumed for a prolonged time.

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