Why Do Drug Addicts Start Using?

Drug addiction has become serious in America over the last several years. In Latin, addiction derives from the Latin meaning of being enslaved or bound to something. That’s exactly what addicts are to their drug of choice: bound. It’s no surprise, then, that overdoses are on an all-time high. Fentanyl is one of the main causes of death related to these overdoses. For those who don’t struggle with drug addiction, it can be difficult to understand why it begins in the first place.

Mental health plays a big role in drug addiction help now. When severe trauma takes place in a person’s life, they are more likely to try drugs to cope with mental instability. Such trauma includes physical, mental, sexual, and emotional abuse. This can be from childhood or a bad relationship. Sometimes, even without these types of incidents, a mental health problem may already exist, such as depression and anxiety.

So, when mental health does start drug use, it is normal for the person to find something to try to fix the chemical imbalance inside their brain they are feeling. Using a drug like marijuana allows them to feel ok again. Drugs do alter the brain function and these may be why they are so popular with those suffering from mental health. The majority of people may not view marijuana as harmful as, say, cocaine, but it has its abilities to cause drug addiction help now. Plus, it can lead to the use of other drugs. Another way to think of it is being a gateway drug.

Sometimes, genetics can determine if a person becomes an addict. Drug addiction help now can be passed down in the genes from a family member, much like alcoholism. This means for someone who has a family history of drug addiction may be more sensitive to even the slightest bit of drugs in their system. Addicts can come from medication from an injury prescribed by a doctor. Once their body becomes used to the medication, it may strive for a bigger and better high and when the doctor will not prescribe more medication, they seek out something else to get it. This is another example of how a drug can be a gateway for more dangerous drugs.

Treatment for drug addiction is critical. Without treatment, the end result is death. Seasons In Malibu treat the root cause of drug addiction, so they will have a higher chance of success. Call us today to help in the path to a better drug-free life.

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