What To Demand And Expect From A Good English Teacher?

Stop and think for a second! What are the ideal characteristics of a good English teacher for you? Should he give classes online? Should there be timetables available? Should it guarantee you access to various contents that you can hardly find alone?

All this must be taken into account. However, learning the English language such as English for kindergarten (ภาษา อังกฤษ สำหรับ เด็ก อนุบาล which is the term in Thai) implies much more than just these transversal characteristics to any subject. So, today we decided to give you some tips! Next, see what you should demand and expect from an English teacher.

Good English Teacher: What To Consider When Choosing?

When learning languages ​​is relatively simple, the truth is that choosing an English teacher remains a bet of excellence. However, some points should be considered when selecting a teacher for you. Get to know them below and consider them when making your selection.

1 – Must Know How To Prepare The Class

Although, in many cases, the English classes will flow according to the student’s needs, the truth is that there is always a need for prior preparation. Something as simple as ensuring that there is no downtime during the study period reveals that the teacher is interested in helping you reach your goals!

2 – Must Have Methods To Help Overcome The Student’s Shame

Several years of experience as an English teacher showed me the biggest problem for students to speak. As much as they can make mistakes in writing or have difficulties reading, shame ends up getting the better of them! So, when choosing a good English teacher, see if he can create the ease necessary to overcome the (natural) shame of speaking in a language that you do not master.

Believe that this is one of the most important points and that it will dictate the success or failure of your learning.

3 – Can Address All Topics In A Simple Way

This is another point to consider when choosing a good English teacher. We all know that there are themes that are more complicated than others. For example, getting students to understand prepositions is a big challenge. So, you should understand how the teacher approaches more complex topics. A good teacher will find examples, details, or analogies that are simple to memorize, ending up making learning by association easier.

4 – Focuses On The Student’s Reality

Last but not least, you must choose a teacher that suits your reality (and not the other way around). While it may seem logical at first glance, it is much more common for the student to adapt to the teacher than the other way around. It is also advisable to employ a good Chinese teacher who can teach Chinese for kid (ภาษา จีน สำหรับ เด็ก which is the term in Thai) as well.

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