What Size Boot Should I Buy?

If there’s one thing that everyone is afraid of, it’s buying a boot online, and it doesn’t fit exactly as we expected. Well, to put your mind at ease, here is the complete guide for you to learn how to take the measurements of your feet and, with that, to know how to choose precisely the right boot size for you. Come with me!

How To Choose The Perfect Boot Size

The Black Boots measurement chart works very precisely; each boot style has its size guide. That’s because the models vary a lot, and this directly impacts the size of boot you will choose. Below I show you an example of our measurement table.

Leather Boot Size Guide

Some golden tips to choose the ideal boot such as the Belleville military boots for your feet more accurately in the description of the size guide. To make usability more comfortable, I advise my customers to buy shoes with a gap of up to 2 cm. But, William, why? Because the seams are not stressed, and the leather is not deformed. In addition, it is easier for you to wear thicker socks, which is ideal for certain boots.

One more benefit of choosing a boot with this clearance of up to 2 cm: no shoes give in to the front! What does that mean? It means that if you buy a boot that keeps squeezing your toes, it’s practically a path of no return; there’s no miracle solution to stop this from happening. Although the leather slowly gives way, it gives way to the sides and, depending on the type of foot, it also gives way upwards, but never forwards. That’s why you must think carefully about my advice, after all, I’ve been selling boots for over 25 years.

Measuring Your Foot

To start measuring your feet, don’t forget that the number that will appear on your tape measure will refer to the exact centimeters of your foot. So, check the size chart in the description of your favorite Black Boots boot and make sure your shoes are the perfect size for your feet. Oh, don’t be alarmed if one foot is a little bigger than the other; this is more common than you might think! Now for the practice: place your feet on a blank sheet of paper and mark your heel and longest toe and the sides. After that, write down the measurements with a tape measure or ruler. Bingo!

Measure Your Feet To Find Your Boot Size

Another important tip is to compare with other shoes you already have. If you compare with a sneaker, for example, always remember that the boots should not be as tight as they are, so choose a 1.5 cm or even 2 cm too big when compared to your shoe size. The rule is clear: choose, preferably, a looser boot. Got it?

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