What is the TOEIC Speaking as well as Writing Tests?

What are the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests? | ETS Global

The TOEIC Speaking and Writing examinations are precise assessments of English-language speaking and writing skills for the office. TOEIC Speaking, as well as Composing examinations, can be taken with each other or separately.

What are their benefits?

Whether you are a staff member, a pupil, or a job applicant, the TOEIC course [คอร์ส toefl, which is the term in Thai] can aid you to accomplish your objectives by:

  • making you a stronger prospect for worldwide organizations
  • demonstrating your capacity to interact with co-workers and clients from several societies
  • improving your possibilities at obtaining a promotion or prominent global job
  • helping you get ready for the workplace, tracking your progress as well as demonstrating how much your abilities have actually enhanced
  • verifying your skills with a certificate
  • proving your English fluency

Material and layout

If taken together, the examinations absorb overall 1hour 20minutes to finish. Examination takers speak and write in English, as well as provide a solution to real-life questions and circumstances. The test does not need special understanding or vocabulary beyond that of an individual making use of day-to-day English.

These examinations are divided into two sections that can be taken with each other or individually: Speaking, Analyzing, as well as Creating.

The TOEIC talking examination

The TOEIC talking test is developed to give details concerning the English-speaking language capability of sound speakers throughout a range of English effectiveness as a second language. It contains 11 examination concerns, as well as lasts 20 minutes:

  • Jobs 1-2: Read a text out loud
  • Job 3: Explain a photo
  • Jobs 4-6: React to concerns
  • Jobs 7-9: React to inquiries making use of offered information
  • Job 10: Recommend a service
  • Job 11: Express an opinion

The TOEIC Creating test

The TOEIC Composing examination offers beneficial info regarding the English-writing capacity of test-takers across a range of efficiency levels. It consists of eight queries, as well as lasts 60 minutes:

  • Tasks 1-5: Create a sentence based upon a picture
  • Jobs 6-7: Reply to a written request
  • Jobs 8: Compose an opinion-based essay

To Learn TOEIC [เรียน toeic, which is the term in Thai], please click on the link.

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