What Is Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is nothing but the ability of an email to deliver into the subscriber’s inboxes. This is done by the marketers for their email likelihood and the email campaigns that reach the subscribers. It must reach the inbox of the subscribers for the actual delivery like ISPs, bounces, spam issues, and lastly bulking.

Some elements are present to hurt the deliverability of the emails. Such as 

  • The elements which can be hurtful are sending without custom authentication
  • the use of singleopts in
  • the chance to send through a free domain email address and making it difficult to unsubscribe
  • the use of URL shorteners 
  • lastly the lack of engagement causes.

Email deliverability is nothing but a set of processes that is responsible for placing an email into the client’s inbox. In the terms of email deliverability, the ESP (Email Service Provider) indicates you to why a message was rejected or put in the mail language as bounced. It is based upon the details which the receiving server sends back for the error in the message.

 If an email ends up in the junk folder do you think it ever existed? The answer is no for the customer. It never existed for a customer. But you need not worry, we shall know more about emaildeliverability and shall see how one can keep away from all the dreaded spam folder nightmare.

With the leveling up of technological aspect, modern science has brought in the few software, which can allow us to know more things precisely. It can show the accuracy to measure the delivery rates and also know about the number of emails. It shows the acceptable one and the others, which hold full chances of bouncing up. You want to take up an example for bounced emails that would be the temporary delivery error due to the unavailability of the server. It can also be a permanent error because of the non-existential email address.

Inbox placement and delivery are complex topics. Many factors are taken into consideration before placing any email to the subscriber’s inbox. We are unable to know how many percentages of emails land in the inbox and the spam folder, but we can be informed through inferences by analyzing the metrics.

Below are the few points through which a marketer receives an insight as to how the people react to the email and how do they engage with it 

  • the bouncing rate that is been tracked by ESP
  • open rates
  • unsubscribe rates
  • spam complaints
  • click through rates

with the email deliverability, the engagement with the audience is the most important factor as it directly hits the sender reputation that too for both the marketer and ESP. a strong sender reputation is an answer to great email deliverability. Few factors are listed below. Do not fail to keep that in mind for great email deliverability.

  • you must maintain a list of hygiene
  • always make sure to have an eye on inactive subscribers
  • ensure the ease for unsubscribing
  • do not use the URL shortener
  • send through the custom authentication
  • you can make use of a double opt-in rather than a single pot in
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