What is a FAKE WATCH?

What comprises a fake? The regulation has a meaning for that as well as Rolex does, too. Looking past the standard set of aspects laid out by the Lanham Act, which defines a fake great as one that bears a “spurious mark that is identical with, or considerably tantamount from, a registered trademark” that is used on the same sorts of products as the ones for which the mark is signed up, Rolex has something of an infamous take of its very own.

Rolex’s system of distinguishing between authentic as well as phony items is an intriguing one, as well as in at least one respect; it is relatively unique. The 114-year old Swiss watchmaker takes a look at the beginning of a Rolex trademark-bearing watch in order to determine its authenticity because wristwatches manufactured by unauthorized third parties that use Rolex’s trademark-protected name and/or crown logo design are straight-out phonies. The same goes for Hermès-branded bags made by parties other than Hermès, or Cartier trademark-bearing precious jewelry not made by, or otherwise licensed by, the well-known jewelry firm.

However, Rolex, unlike many other companies, goes a step additionally: it considers authorized watches that have originated from its very own workshops and takes into consideration whether any kind of changes has been made to the initial elements of genuine Rolex wristwatches that would affect their aesthetic and/or their performance. If adjustments have been made, an or else flawlessly authentic watch becomes an imitation in the business’s eyes.

Basically: Rolex considers the modification of its watches to include non-authentic Rolex components or parts that are not authorized by Rolex, to change an authentic watch right into a phony.

This at-times questionable rule, which does not show up to fit neatly within the most traditional meaning of a fake as set forth by the governing statute that governs trademarks, as well as the, does not mirror using the term “counterfeit” by various other brand names, is not without reason from Rolex. The company has long held that exchanging its authentic watch components for non-Rolex components “makes the service warranty on its watches nullified, in large part since the exchanging of components makes it to ensure that Rolex can no more ensure the quality or performance of such watches.

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