Want To Win All The Games Of Pool? Learn The Rules Of 8 Ball Pool Here

Eight ball is a call shot game featuring a cue ball and fifteen object balls numbered one through fifteen. Eight ball is a game that requires strategy and is more of a thinker’s game. Discover how to play 8-ball pool like a master! This article will teach you the rules of 8 ball pool on the Getmega gaming app and how to earn real money online by playing 8 ball pool properly  and provide you with a few helpful hints in the process.

The Playing Game

8- Ball is a call shot game in which you create a shot using a cue ball and fifteen object balls numbered 1 through 15 to score a goal. Seven balls are given to each player or team, either solid-colored balls with numbers 1 through 7 or striped balls with numbers 9 through 15. The game-winning ball is the 8-ball. The goal of the game is to legally pocket the 8-ball after pocketing your complete set of balls. Two individuals or two teams compete in this game.

Requirements for a Break

 You start the break with the ball behind the head string in your hand. You cannot call a ball or safety on the break since it is not a called shot. The cue ball does not have to make contact with any specific ball initially. It is an illegal break if you pocket a ball or cause at least four object balls to strike one or more cushions. You continue to shoot if you lawfully pocket a ball. Your inning finishes if you do not lawfully pocket a ball or if you commit a foul.

Table Open after the Break

The table is always open on the shot following the break and stays thus until groups are formed. Except for the 8-ball, all object balls are permitted while the table is open. A ball from one group may be touched first to pocket a ball from the other group in combination shots. If the 8-ball is not the first ball touched by the cue ball, it may be part of a combination. 

Continuing Play

Play continues once groups have been formed, with each player’s group serving as lawful object balls. The 8-ball and balls in your opponents’ group are prohibited object balls. Keep shooting as long as you can legally pocket a ball on each shot when you are in your inning. Object balls that were pocketed with the named ball stay pocketed. If you do not lawfully pocket a ball, your inning is over. 

Safety Play

You may declare safety before any shot except the break. Whether you pocket any ball or not, your inning finishes following the shot on a safety. If you do not declare a safety and pocket a ball on a clear shot, your inning will continue, and you will have to shoot again. It is a foul if a safety fails to fulfil the conditions of the rules of the 8-ball pool.


If the referee realizes that there are high chances of losing the game in the table, then it will be declared stale, and the game will be replayed with the player who broke the game-breaking rule again.

Remember that no stroke is complete until all of the balls have come to a full halt. These are fundamental rules of an 8-ball pool, yet they are necessary to become a serious pool player. If you are playing for pleasure, you do not need to know these rules; but, if you are planning to compete in a tournament or against more serious opponents, you will need to know them. Getmega is one of the best online gaming platforms to play pool games.

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