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Due to unhealthy food and drink in the world, it is quite complicated for the people stay fit and health. However, by taking some physical activities into the life, we can make our life healthy, better and longer. Walking is counted in the most useful and valuable physical activity for the people of every age. Either you are young or old, walking activity is really priceless for you to stay fit and fine always. There is no any specific walking distance required to lose the weight, but still if you are running an hour on daily basis then you can easily expect great outcomes.

30 minutes of fitness!

The first 30 minutes of walking allow the people to burn the sugars easily and then if the person starts walking faster, he or she can easily burn calories from stored fat as well.  You should simply start working on its great outcomes that are completely valuable for the people, so simply rely on the walking exercise that will give you wonderful health benefits. You should start walking in the early morning into the park or even into the play ground and at the night after having dinner that will help you to digest the dinner that you have eaten.

How much weight we can loose with by walking?

Weight loss is the best option for the people to reduce the weight properly and you should simply choose the option of pedestrian training that is a great kind of fitness for weight loss. It compares to running, it is really relaxed to do the walking, but still it will burn your huge calories perfectly. At a brisk pace, people are able to burn near between 100-300 calories per half an hour or 200-600 calories per hour. It is really meant to the best option for the people and if a person walk a couple of hours on daily basis then people will have a weight loss equal to 8000 calories each week.

Walking on regular basis!

If you are doing the activity of the walking on daily basis then your body will be able to manage high blood pressure, high cholesterol level along with muscular pain/stiffness or even other diabetes much better. It is really a boon for the people, so simply rely on it that will give you great option for you. People those are suffering from the heart problems should simply start walking that allows them to reduce the risk of heart failure and many other issues, so simply focus on it. It is considered as the most advanced option for you to reduce the health issues.

How many miles do you walk per day?

It varies the strength and stamina of the person that how many miles a person do walk per day, so some people trying to walk at least a mile, some goes 2 miles at least and some experts also reach to the 4 miles and more. Therefore, it is considered as the good habit for better health.


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