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The new trend of watching new Telugu movies online is becoming very popular among the audience. The flexibility of watching films from home is an exemplary experience for the viewers nowadays. Many online websites have come forward to screen new films belong to a different genre. There are lots of Telugu films being watched by the fans of the cinema. Different categories like action, comedy, sentiment, thriller, and horror movies are being given importance by the viewers online. The revenue collected by screening new films online is considerably high and it is generating more attraction.

The overall satisfaction of films directed by famous directors of Telugu is given high reception by the viewers. The online movies are generally superhit movies of superstars and super directors of Telugu cinema world. One of the best directors is Chandrashekar films are watched with great curiosity. The movies have gained excellent feedback and welcomed by the audience in a great way. Moreover, the other languages films are being dubbed in the Telugu language for the viewers. Many success films of other actors in other languages are also viewed by the audience. Indeed, the thrill of watching online movies is becoming a new trend throughout the world for cinema lovers.

Sahasam is a Telugu action film released in the year 2013. The movie had a good run at the box office when it was released. The movie was directed by ChandrashekarYeleti and produced by Prasad. The music of the film was scored by Sri and the songs are evergreen. Even today, the film was liked by the audience to a greater extent for its excellent story, music, and leading actors. The leading actors of the film are Gopichand and Tapsee. The film’s story is based on archaeologists’ research about King Kanishka. The stunt scenes are superb with topnotch background music.

Prayanam is a superhit Telugu film released in the year 2009. The story of the film is based on the meeting between a boy and a girl at the airport. They are different from each other and each one has distinctive features. The boy wants to take the risk in life while the girl chooses the right direction when she travels. The movie was directed by ChandrashekarYeleti and the music was scored by Mahesh Shankar. This film earned positive reviews from the viewers and hence the film is one of the blockbusters at that time-released.

Anukokunda Oka Roju is a Telugu mystery Telugu film and released in the year 2005. This film was directed by a great director namely ChandrashekarYeleti and produced by Gangaraj and Venkat. The movie earned excellent responses and reviews of the public for its strong storyline and screenplay. The music of the film was scored by Keeravani and the total length of the film is about 145 minutes. The leading actors of the film areĀ  JagapatiBabu, CharmmeKaur, and Shashank. The film is liked by the movie lovers for many years due to its thrilling story and exceptional cast in the film.

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