Top 10 Rakhis from Rakhi Collection 2019 to Go For This Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi has a special role to play on Raksha Bandhan. Without this single thread, no Rakhi ceremony will be completed. A velvet thread or a fully embedded one, Rakhi has many designs and it is up to you which one you will choose to tie on your brother’s wrist. Every market of every city is decorated with Rakhis of different designs and styles. And, in this race, online Rakhi stores are no exception. And even some of them must be having Rakhi sale so that you can pick your favorite one without crossing your budget.

Well, there are different types of persons with different taste and different personalities, and your brothers also fall in the same category. A particular Rakhi cannot fulfill the desire of every sister as they have different brothers. So, for every category, there is a separate design of Rakhi. But, deciding a perfect Rakhi is not that simple. So, to help you out we are providing a list of top 10 Rakhis from which you can choose your personal favorite Rakhi according to the taste of your brother and can surprise him with a unique and beautiful Rakhi.

1. Designer Rakhi

If you have a brother who is very conscious for his style and trend in the market, then for such brothers, a designer Rakhi is just perfect. These Rakhis are the top-selling products from which you cannot take your eyes off.

2. Stone Rakhi

Stone Rakhis are the eye-catching ones which look very pretty and stylish. These Rakhis have different shapes and designs filled with different stones. These stones add an extra charm to the Rakhi.

3. Bracelet Rakhi

These bracelet Rakhis are the complete blend of modernity and tradition. For office going brothers, a Rakhi that have the love of a sister and also is a style statement is just perfect.

4. Silver Rakhi

Silver is considered as one of the auspicious metals which bring good luck and wealth in life. So, if you want to give your brother a Rakhi that has some good things attached to it, then you can go for this silver Rakhi.

5. Lumba Rakhi

Lumba Rakhi is the one which is specially designed for all the Bhabhis. If your brother is newly married and is living in some other city or country, then you can choose to send a Lumba Rakhi to him. There are many online Rakhi stores that offer Lumba Rakhi delivery so that you can surprise your distant Bhaiya and Bhabhi.

6. Rudraksha Rakhi

If you are looking for an auspicious Rakhi for your brother, then you can go for the Rudraksha Rakhi. With this Rakhi you can shower the blessings of Lord Shiva on your brother. 

7. Cartoon Rakhi

For the little angle of your house, you can opt the cartoon Rakhi that will make your little brother super duper happy. You just need to know the favorite cartoon of your brother, and here you are all sorted to buy a cartoon Rakhi for your brother.

8. Sandalwood Rakhi

This Rakhi has the base of sandalwood which makes it smells fantastic. The center motif of this Rakhi is made up of sandalwood, and when you will tie it on your brother’s wrist, a sweet aroma of sandalwood will refresh his mind every time whenever his hand will be close to his nose.

9. Zardosi Rakhi

The zardosi Rakhi is the one which has the work of gota and zari which give it a unique handmade style. These Rakhis look very pretty and beautiful. Even these Rakhis are very simple and you can try out making them at home.

10. Motif Rakhi

These Rakhis are way different from others as they have some religious motifs as the center. Like, there are swastika motif Rakhis available, and also there are Om motif Rakhis and Ganesha motif Rakhis which have their unique style and design.

So, from the above-mentioned Rakhis choose your personal favorite one, and surprise your brother on this Raksha Bandhan.

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