Tools to increase real Instagram followers

Instagram is one of the most used social networking sites in the world is also a huge space for brands to advertise. To get the brands to approach you for their promotion you need a lot of followers on Instagram. Generally, Instagram users with a large number of followers are known as influencers as they can influence so many people. Brands approach these influencers to promote their brand on Instagram. Brands pay the influencers to put up a post, a story, and/or a video promoting their brand on Instagram. 

Fake and real Instagram followers:

For the brands to approach you for promotion you need to have a large number of real Instagram followersWhat are Real Instagram followers you may ask, generally it means human followers. The term real Instagram followers are used because there are also fake Instagram followers. Some of the fake influencers use shady techniques to increase their Instagram follower numbers by employing bots that create fake Instagram followers that follow their accounts. These shady techniques can increase your follower numbers, but they can get your account suspended. So, it is recommended to always increase your followers by organic methods. 

Tools to get real Instagram followers:

There are lots of tools that offer to increase your real Instagram follower numbers. To use these tools, you should connect your Instagram account so you should carefully choose a trusted tool. You should be aware of some fake tools which promise to increase your followers, and after getting the user id and password of your account, they change the password and name of your account. You will lose your account and may never get it back. 

How do these tools work?

While setting up your account with these tools ask you about the hashtags you often use in your posts and also the accounts similar to you. By getting this data the tools browse the hashtags and note the users who like the posts having these hashtags. After this, the tools interact, like, and follow these accounts, this leads to the users noticing your page and most probably sees your content, and if the user likes your content, they may follow you. The tools do this on a huge scale following hundreds of potential followers at a time, out of those hundreds of accounts followed there is a chance that a few of them follow you back if they like your content. These tools do this regularly to get increase your real Instagram followers.

Are these tools safe to use?

The tools are generally very safe to use as they try to keep this process as human as possible. They also limit the bots to just perform normal tasks such as liking posts and following accounts. For the most part, these tools use humans to perform tasks. These tools also use the user phones to stay away from any suspicion by Instagram. The tools also limit the number of times the task is performed to not look fishy. It is up to the user to choose a trusted and safe tool which have no records of fraud. If you choose a good tool you can see an increase in your real Instagram followers list.  Using such genuine tools is one of the organic ways to increase your real Instagram followers.

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