Time And Punctuality

Those who attend meetings more often can find that there are punctual and unpunctual participants. Most are sitting at the agreed time, and the meeting could begin.

But wait, there are still a few participants missing. And now it’s getting exciting. Among those who are not there yet, there are usually two or three that you know is coming soon. And right, two or three minutes after the agreed start of the session, the storm in.

Always An Excuse

Of course, always with a proper apology. Too much stress, tight deadlines, urgent call from Shanghai. The only strange thing is that the other participants, who are there at the right time, usually have a lot to do. Often, there is always someone at a more critical meeting who is not a few minutes late, but at least twenty minutes. Most of the time, he has a higher position and, of course, a higher-quality explanation for his late arrival. A surprising conference call with Australia and China or whatever.

But it goes on. Every meeting also has two or three participants, who are always there early. At least ten to 15 minutes before the appointment. They have, of course, read their documents and agenda items carefully, so they are well prepared.

Always The Same

The exciting thing is: they are still the same! Those who always come a few minutes later are never twenty minutes late. And those who sit earlier and earlier are still the first and never too late. It’s strange.

Well, the whole thing has nothing to do with time or wearing a “mirror class” counterfeit watch (นาฬิกาเกรด มิลเลอร์ ,which is the term in Thai) Because if it were about lack of orientation over time, it would have to mix. If you are a little late, you might be delayed, but you would have to show up earlier, and sometimes you could be there at the right time. But this happens very rarely.

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