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Things to know about Sandstone restoration Glasgow:

The sandstone is ceramic which is characterized by its high hardness and resistance to external agents. It is called stoneware or “stone object” and it lives up to its name and function because sandstone has long been used for architectural decoration.

These characteristics are due to its composition. Indeed, the stoneware contains a lot of silica and its firing can reach 1300 C thus, causing vitrification of the material. 

If the stoneware has a red color, it is because it was fired in a reducing atmosphere, in an oven deprived of oxygen. On the contrary, if its color is gray, it is because it was fired in an oxidizing atmosphere, with an oxygen supply in the oven.

Sandstone restoration:

Whether a sandstone base, window frames, or cornices made of sandstone, unfortunately, the stone will weather after several years, not least due to the acid rain.

But don’t worry, everything can be renewed and repaired!

With special Sandstone restoration Glasgow and the right tools and expertise, the sandstone will soon shine again in a new light. The characteristic color differences in the sandstone can also be modeled and thus reproduced true to the original.

Ecological restoration:

Cleaning equipment does not require high pressure, water or chemicals. They are also very easy to handle and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The cleaning operation is carried out using a shot (granulate), which remains in the closed cycle of the machine. All detached dirt is also sucked up and trapped in the machine’s filter.

Restore sandstone the easy way:

With suction blasting machines, the Sandstone restoration Glasgow of sandstone facades, floors, and staircases is no problem, even when it must be done without blocking the movement of people. Access closure is not necessary, nor is it necessary to wear protective glasses or gloves. Workers are trained very quickly and no prior knowledge is necessary.

Sandstone restoration by elevator

For sandstone facades, floors, and stairs to maintain their beauty over the years, it is essential to clean them regularly after Sandstone restoration Glasgow. With the suction blasting machines, it can be restored ecologically. This work can be done without closing access to the public. The operation of the machine is very easy and no special previous knowledge is required.

The cleaning machines can be used to restore sandstone or any other natural stone very easily, without damaging the surface and without polluting the environment.

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